olivier is currently talking about the new tides fw at the modularsquare presentation.
unfortunately, the sound isn’t very good, and my french is even worse.
but if i got it right, it’s a wavetable osc.

anybody else watching?
maybe somebody can translate?


ah and i think he said there may even be new faceplates for the new wavetable fw.


so, when can we have a glance at that alternative tides fw faceplate design?

due to my rather limited french, i didn’t quite get everything olivier said about the new wavetable fw yesterday.
is it a 2d affair, like braids’ wmap mode?
does it perhaps even combine wmap’s wavtable with tides’ waveshaping?


> so, when can we have a glance at that alternative tides fw faceplate design?

There’s no such thing for now. If people like the new firmware and if they think it deserves a faceplate there’ll be one. It’s really not that hard to understand with the original faceplate though.

I will try to post the file tomorrow…

In short it’s a 2D affair controlled by SHAPE/SLOPE. Filter/folder on SMOOTHNESS, and LEVEL CV are still there. LOW is a square sub, HIGH a 1-bit signal output (harsh!). TRIGGER and HOLD still do their thing. No PLL mode, instead, CLOCK steps either through the 3 wave banks or through the waves.

AD/Loop/AR button becomes a wave bank selector.

High/Mid/Low button still does the same thing.

Three 9x9 banks:

  • Additive harmonics.
  • “Rich” waveforms, including formantish things.
  • Braids / Shruthi waves.


sounds great!


@pichenettes Would there be any way to merge both firmwares and have a secret handshake to toggle between the functionality they provide, or will that just not fit in there? :slight_smile:


This, right here, with everything Olivier just said is why MI is without contest the best eurorack manufacturer out there. Who else would offer up an update that turns a module into a completely newmodule. Anyone else would just make it a new module to sell.


@t2k: at yesterday’s show, olivier said that you can’t switch between the two. you have to make a choice which of the two fw versions you want to upload and use. so, i’m afraid, we’ll all have to get more tides…


@mic.w, ah there it is. Buy an existing module to buy a new module :slight_smile:


this new fw certainly isn’t going to hurt tides sales. :slight_smile:


so, what will it say on that new faceplate?
‘tidal waves’ is a bit long, so just ‘waves’, i guess…


Original firmware is 105kb, this variant 107kb, the CPU has space for 107kb.


I think the new faceplate was just a possibility Oliver mentioned. It’s probably not really needed for you to use or enjoy the module.

It might make sense to sell Tides with a new faceplate under a different name with this firmware pre-installed.


> It might make sense to sell Tides with a new faceplate under a different name with this firmware pre-installed.

Nah, it’s a little christmas bonus. Don’t take it too seriously.


@t2k: i’m aware of that. but to me, the new fp already seems like a given, because i’m sure that people will love the new fw, and many will want a new fp to go with it. :slight_smile:

@pichenettes: from what you have revealed about it, it will be hard not to take it seriously. it sounds like serious fun! :slight_smile:


@pichenettes In that case please don’t waste any of your precious time on doing a different faceplate. If it’s just a little bonus, we can easily take the trouble to remember what control does what. :slight_smile:


we love You, Olivier


The variant was supposed to be called “Tidal Waves”, but now there’s a Snazzy FX module with that name, and there’s enough naming drama for today.

I will call it Sheep. I hereby not claim the use of irregular plural common nouns for bastard firmware of Eurorack modules whose name is a plural common noun.


some kind of pun?
i don’t get it.

an allusion to pink floyd’s ‘sheep’, perhaps?
'wave upon wave of demented avengers…'
nah, that can’t be it.

or is it about this module grazing on a 2d meadow of waves?
not likely.


[Uncontrollable laughter that might or might not involve me rolling on the floor]