Tides sounds to me just amazing - Im gonna want 2 though as I was primarily buying it for modulation (tides - geedit?) - but it sounds so bloody good as an oscillator. Is that due to the wavetables? the LPF?


> Is that due to the wavetables? the LPF?

It’s not a wavetabley module. It wouldn’t be possible to do what Tides does with wavetable synthesis indeed due to the sheer number of combinations.

What makes it interesting is that the waveform is continually variable in three dimensions - odd/even harmonic ratio and spectral slope (first knob), spacing of spectral dips and peaks (second knob), and harmonic richness. Unless you start lowering the last knob, phase and amplitude are constant, and everything is well-behaved.

Internally, the synthesis method is a bit weird, it uses band-limited parabolic arcs which are shifted and added together to create the base ingredient - the variable slope, constant period triangle/saw.


More B-stock Tides on the shop…


No I won’t !
But I want !
But won’t !
Want !
But !


Also: peaks.


Grabbed a Peaks. I almost grabbed a 2nd Tides.


I have this idea of making a synth with only Tides modules. It is everything you need. VCO, ADSR, VCA, VCF, LFO and so on. Just need a MIDI interface and then you go. 6 Tides should be enough to start with. 9 would be really nice. That front would look really nice too.


don’t forget to include a bunch of shades - not all of tides’ inputs have attenuators…


is there an easter egg in tides ?






thanks !


got a peaks last week, tides this week. so much fun with just two modules!


They’re amazing, I got both along with the Anushri and the Analog Four and don’t know what’s next.

Spend this morning just with the Easters on Peaks…


Tides. I want 50. Personally the best sounding and most usefull module. I fucking love it.


i’ve been thinking of a way tides might be made even better:
atm, the ‘level’ cv input only accepts positive voltages. when fed with negative voltages, the result seems to be no different from when you input 0v.
wouldn’t it be cooler if the level input worked like a doepfer a133, with negative voltages on the level input resulting in negative amplification on tides’ outputs?

@pichenettes: would this be possible? perhaps something you might consider for a future update?
i know you’re terribly busy right now, with the new modules coming up and all that. but maybe at some later point?


Hardware updates are terribly costly. PCB, SMT/AOI programs, 3D negatives all have to be redone. And having a new proto made + doing a batch of 25 to validate…

There’s so much stress, sweat and sometimes physical pain to get a module that works - usually things go smoothly at the third batch 250… So it’s dreadful to restart from scratch!

The 1000th unit is usually a good milestone to start revising things. I’m not there yet with Tides (500 only).


i had been hoping it could be implemented in software.
oh well, it was just an idea…


Nah, to get the best resolution, the range -100mV to 8V is mapped to the whole ADC input range. So it can, in theory sense negative voltages… but only down to -100mV!

To make it go from 8V to 8V means losing 1 bit of resolution possibly to be compensated with interpolation/slew limiting.


it seems that amidst the din of the world’s noisiest modular forum, pichenettes has been caught hinting at plans for a ‘radically different’ new firmware for tides - and i quote:

> on my todo-list a simple and radically different firmware for Tides.

> some of you will want a custom panel made for this because they’ll prefer it over the default firmware.

i really wonder what that is going to be - and whether i should be getting ready to buy a third ‘b-stock’ tides as soon as the shoppe reopens…