i mean, whoah!

i got one just a couple of days ago, and i’m really excited about it. apart from all the other great things it is (in terms of lfo and eg), it clearly is one of the best oscillators i’ve ever owned. possibly the best. the entire module is extremely hands-on and intuitve, it has lots of useful cv inputs, and the waveshaping possibilities are fantastic! plus, i love the built-in virtual vca - cause you never have enough of those…

btw, olivier is currently offering b-stock ones at a reduced price.
get them while you can, you won’t regret it! i just ordered me a second one.:slight_smile:

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man, can’t agree more. just got one too, and… I think i’ll get another one asap. my favorite module ever so far. awesome functions/sounds packed in a small footprint. and you can use it as a small synth voice too
big ups for Oliver and MI!

weell, i feel that the ‘synth voice’ thing needs to be qualified. imho, in order for tides to work as a full-blown synth voice, you do need an additional envelope generator. but if you have that, you can do amazing things with just two modules.

[edit:] actually, this could be an excellent answer to the frequently asked ‘i’m new to eurorack, where do i begin’ question: tides + fcuk system x adsr will get you started rather nicely. :slight_smile:

[moar edit:] or even better yet: two tides. :smiley:

plus, pll mode rocks!

infact “small synth voice” is not exactly “full-blown synth voice” heh :wink:

Good tip on the b-stock.

I’m sold to Tides by this post

Dammit - there are new b-stock units available. Just when I thought I was going to get away with not buying a module this month. I don’t think I can pass this up… I hope the wife understands!

you’re in luck: they seem to be sold out now. :wink:

I might have gotten the last one! Kismet!

ah, in that case you’re in even better luck: it’s a brilliant module.
just got the shipping notice for my second unit.

I bought one of the b-stocks, I’m really looking forward to it.
I agree it sounds amazing as an oscillator, and that’s on top of all the other cool features !

Super excited for Tides! With the timewarping DHL shipping, it’ll be here before I can finish this sentence!

Mine arrived at home while I’m at work. It will wait more time at home that in the delivery truck!

Anushri, tides, peaks and A4. My other modules are from Befaco and use banana so it’s a good reason to start another case… :slight_smile:

@pichenettes Honest question; on what planet is the module I just received b-stock? I can’t for the life of me find anything that’s even remotely wrong or damaged or scratched with this module… :wink:

yeah, i asked myself the same question. there wasn’t a single scratch on either of my two units. the only thing i could find that wasn’t absolutely perfect: the buttons and button holes were not quite perfectly aligned. that’s the only - very, very, very minor - imperfection i could find.

but then olivier probably really is a perfect perfectionist… :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’d like to buy a subscription to his b-stock…


b-stock ripples next, please!

Yes, they look like new. Also my firsts Mutable modules and all in all they look superb.

I’m picking up my package today, and I was wondering the same thing. For some reason, I had a feeling that the damage would be very minor, and I’d ask myself the same question. I also can’t wait to see what the surprise prize is inside!