Tides vs. PEG - or both together?

Since I don’t want to spam the “new modules”-thread: I was thinking about getting a 4ms PEG, before the opportunity to get a Tides came up yesterday. And as the PEG-DIY-Kit is sold out almost everywhere, I didn’t order one yet. Should I still be looking for a PEG? Seems like Tides can do very similar things. How do they both compare? (this might be a rather theoretical question since Tides has not been shipped yet …) Would you go for both? Even in a small system?

Tides does the same thing as a half PEG.

Things that Tides can do that the PEG cannot:

  • Direct V/Oct control of rate/frequency (rather than through tap tempo).
  • Voltage control on the amplitude.
  • Curve filter / folder.
  • Audio range operation. This turns Tides into a west-coastish oscillator with voltage-controlled waveshaping and folding.

Things that the PEG can do, Tides cannot:

  • Two envelopes/LFOs and combinations of it.

How small is your setup? PEG and Tides have many similarities, I would rather take a Tides + Maths (which can also act like a PEG, but also as toaster, toothbrush or cv madness module).

Here are the main differences and benefits of each, I can find:

  • two envelopes
  • some interplay between the two envelopes possible


  • Can act as vco
  • has a built in wavefolder/filter
  • has a built in “vca” (perfect to save space)
  • HUGE frequency range
  • Shape/asymmetry are cv controllable
  • freeze
  • open source :slight_smile:
  • No bright 4ms leds

Edit: haha… I was too slow. Olivier wrote the exact same :slight_smile:

Thank you, guys! At least I wasn’t too wrong comparing those two. Guess I will be very happy with Tides!

Or maybe I should go for Tides + PEG + Maths = CV-insanity? FCD warned me about getting into modular …

@janniz: I would recommend getting tides and a low pass gate. With those two elements, some CV, and an envelope, you can make all kinds of unique “west coast” sounds. No sense in having CV with nothing to patch it to!

@janniz, yeah, if you are starting out, I’d get some fun sound shaping stuff like a LPG, filter, and/or waveshaping perhaps before adding too much more CV. I have a Function which is like a half-Maths plus the ‘Hang’ gate input and I like it, but if you have Tides you can cover similar EG/pseudo-LFO territory and then some, including built-in bipolar output.

FWIW, I didn’t expect Tides to be so versatile. LFO, VCO, EG…ordered mine today :slight_smile: To be totally honest, I think I’d choose two Tideses over a Tides and most EGs in a small setup because you can get a voice from it! Unfortunately Maths/Function doesn’t make a synth voice, not to say they aren’t good at what they’re designed for. I do think the MI modules are ‘denser’ than many others if you want diversity from a small setup.

I would also take a look at the Intellijel Dual ADSR. I definitely think ADSRs are very useful in a modular (glad to have my MicroBrute’s available) and the Intellijel can do some of the same things a PEG or Maths can do, but just in a more ‘East Coast’ fashion.

I personally also want to add some more ‘processing’ type modules which would be useful for running other sources through, so you might consider that, too, before going too crazy with CV sources :slight_smile: Music Thing Spring Reverb and/or maybe MN Echophon are on my list before more EGs.

PS Anyone interested in a GinkoSynthese TTLFO? :wink:

I have the Tides and I totally love it. It’s really a modulation swiss army knife that can also work as a nice oscillator. Actually the only thing it does not is ADSR envelopes :slight_smile:

As someone who started out recently too, I’d say to get a Tides over a PEG. I’ve demoed it and it’s nice, but something like Tides is better for people starting out.

Also, I had no idea what a low pass gate was until I realized I really needed one a few days ago. Its basically a very easy way to modulate a VCO being fed V/Oct from a sequencer and transform a drone into a tight monophonic sequence. The Make Noise Optomix is in my crosshairs right now.

I don’t have a Maths, but I have Function, and it’s taught me that I should probably get a Maths eventually. You really can’t go wrong with Make Noise stuff. If you had nothing but MI and MN modules you’d be totally set.


If you had nothing but MI and MN modules you’d be totally set.

amen to that…
need a LPG too. This despite the fact that I find the Naming “low pass gate” pretty awkward.

It’s not an intuitive name for sure. It wasn’t until I got a MN system that I learned what its used for. But, now that I have one, the name makes sense.

Funny enough, I just sold my Turing machine to make way for a phonogene and frames. Now its 100% MNMI

I can recommend the thomas white DIY LPG, too.
Panel/PCB sets are available @ synthcube.
PCBs without panel also @ thonk.

Thanks again for all this helpful information :slight_smile:

“despite the fact that I find the Naming “low pass gate” pretty awkward” yeah I wasn’t aware what those do/what they are before I did some research … so I added a MMG to my wishlist now and cancelled the PEG. The DIY LPG seems nice, too … so this or MMG

Tides arrived today (yay!) but I’ll have to resist because I need to do some “Hausarbeit” (cleaning, laundry etc) first :frowning:

I think my personal list would be MI, MN, and Intellijel, if I had to pick. I don’t really wanna give up my Turing Machine, though, and I want a Music Thing Spring Reverb, as well :slight_smile:

Also, not to split hairs or anything, but for the sake of clarity, here’s a definition of Low Pass Gate

The main idea using traditional ‘East Coast’ terms (at least as far as I understand) is that it is a low pass filter combined with a VCA, using a vactrol to receive CV which gives it some quirkiness.

MI, MN, Intellijel- That’s pretty much all I have- except I traded for a V-Gates and a PGM 4x4 and he threw in a Doepfer Sequential Switch.

also, Good choice on the MMG, I just made the same one…