Tides V1 oscillator goes random

Hello, dear community,
I just bought a used Tides V1 and have significant issues with it. The previous owner assures that the module worked fine for him, but we don’t have a proof of it.
The module itself seems to be some DIY version, at least the front panel looks different from what you folks officially have. Regarding the firmware I’m not sure what it’s running, I expect it should be the official one, but don’t know for sure.
Now to the problem.

  1. The Main frequency control seems to be somewhat broken, as it doesn’t properly change the frequency of the oscillator, like nothing happens when you turn it, but then at some point it starts going fast like crazy, no matter what is chosen on the Range switch. (one video)
  2. Even if you manage to find a position of the Main frequency control where it oscillates in with a more or less meaningful frequency, it doesn’t hold it, speeding up or slowing down as it wishes. (another video)

Also if I set it to the slowest mode and turn the Main frequency to the most clockwise I expect it to be around 4hz (4 spikes per second), but it goes way faster, again, like randomly. It looks for me like I’m operating a very random s&h and not an LFO o_O

I’m attaching dropbox link to show the videos (I cannot upload videos here): Dropbox - Tides issues - Simplify your life
Please let me know if I can record any other pieces of evidence.

I really hope you could help, I wanted the Tides so badly after I learned how awesome it is and now I’m somewhat shocked.
Thanks a lot!

Try running the calibration procedure. The scale/offset coefficients for the frequency path (which includes the knob) are probably set to odd values.

Yaaaay! Thanks a lot, it helped indeed! Probably during the transportation, some static electric shock happened and it lead to the decalibration of the unit. I’m very happy, huge thanks!

Since you have requested help for a DIY module on the Mutable Instruments forum, please do something nice: