Tides V1 Frozen?

Hi, new to the group and can’t find the answer I’m looking for by searching through the forum or through google or muffwigglers. My tides seems to get stuck or frozen, the range and mode buttons won’t work at all and there seems to be no modulation either. It started about a week ago and I powered my system down and everything starting working again. I’ve had to do this several times so far and today I finally gave up because after several tries it would work for a moment then right back to the same thing. Has anyone had an issue like this or know what I should try? I bought the module used off of reverb and i installed the parasites firmware when I first received it. Please help I really don’t know what to try!

Sounds like maybe a support ticket with @pichenettes is in order, but I think the first step would be restoring stock firmware and see if that removes the issue.

Does the LED next to them still change state (but the module doesn’t do anything) or is the module completely unresponsive?

Could be a bug with the paraistes firmware then? I only offer support when the module runs the official firmware!

Thanks for the quick response. Yeah the module gets “stuck” and no LEDs will change and there is no modulation happening. I will try reinstalling the stock firmware and see if that helps. I finally got it working again last night after shutting my system down for a couple hours then restarted it seemed to be working again. It has froze up like this several times over the last two weeks. I have a video of the issue but it won’t let me post here. I actually have a post on muffwigglers Facebook page and posted the video there. Thanks again.

Ok, I reinstalled the official firmware and so far I have not had any issues with it “freezing”. Thanks again for all the help! I will update if there is any change with the module.