Tides v1 - can I damage it this way?

First post here so hi all! A few days ago I bought Tides v1, maybe one of the last still available in shops :smiley:. I played with it a few times and everything was ok, but today I noticed the signal from the bipolar output is barely audible. The module was sending signal as a VCO directly to my active speakers. I had no time to check it, because I left the house a minute later, but can a bad patch cable (shorting to ground) damage the Tide’s output?

No, you can’t damage a module by using it normally.

Making mistakes while patching it with a Eurorack modular is considered normal use.

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Ok. So what bad scenarios can be considered except a cable which conducts not very well and a spontaneous failure inside the module?

Are you sure this is not a calibration problem of the LEVEL CV input?

I didn’t mess with a calibration. My Tides also have the original firmware. But I don’t understand - what does input calibration have to do with the level of the output signal? Shouldn’t it only affect its frequency?

If the LEVEL CV input is badly calibrated, the module will measure a wrong CV on this input, and the output level will be affected.

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OK I understand. But how could it be decalibrated?

I don’t know. Just my experience receiving for repair modules which just had incorrect calibration data…

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Thank you for your response. I’m going home on Monday and I’ll check everything carefully.

I’m just coming back to write that Tides is okay and nothing ever happened to it. It was a cable. :rage: But thanks for the answers, Emilie. At least I found out about the effect of calibration on the output level. And thanks for this great module! :pray: