Tides tides and more tides

I’m thinking about starting a small mutable system with Tides and…Tides (as Sheep)…(then warps, then clouds)
Has anyone experimented with multiple Tides based systems?

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I have two Tides in a 6u 92hp portable case. One has the Sheep firmware. The Tides are my only vcos. I often use them for envelopes and LFOs when connected to my other cases at home. But for performance mostly as sound sources. I also have Warps, Clouds, and two Peaks in this case.

However, lately I’ll record audio from Sheeps( or Radio Music) into Clouds Looping Delay and then use Sheep for other purposes while Clouds acts as a vco.

Thanks Sammy123. Your setup is practically identical to what I project for mine.
Do you have sound samples online somewhere?

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Well a few years have gone buy and I have finally gotten around to discovering a dual tides oscillator. One has the original Tides firmware and the other the parasite firmware. Missing a Warps, so I’m making do with a wavefolder from Klangbau and a Warp633 from Marc Bareille. It’s really quite nice, to such extent that I’m considering maybe just a row of Tides. Has anyone here explored this path or similar ? I’m surprised there aren’t more videos that explore Tides’ potential as a dual complex oscillator. Only David H’s videos come to mind.
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Yes - I use tides (two v1 and two v2). I love them. My v1 tides sit next to warps for use as a tzfm vco… which is awesome!

Great! I’m gonna have to try it, but still not ready to abandon my analog modules completely.
Do you have any clips that show the basics of that complex vco ?
For that matter any clips that show what that quadra tides set-up can do would be cool.

I dont have anything recorded that’s easily accessible for the complex vco.
I’ve got a patch for vcvrack I setup when I was playing with the idea of complex vco if you like (I quite often try out ideas on vcvrack before patching for real as I can play with it when I am at work !)

This uses a couple of Tides2:

i have Two Tides in my 6u 84hp rack
(V1 and V2) V2 as VCO (Multiple outputs) and V1 acting as modulation source or second VCO. I love the sound and multiple outputs like a “choir” you can hear it here

I got a warps to complete the complex oscillator. quite impressed by the range of sounds!
And in parasite mode it’s even better.