Tides/sheep questions

Hi all first post here with few questions about tides/sheep.
in “sheep mode” when the smoothness knob is fully counterclockwise I hear no sound from outputs; in “tides mode” smoothness fully ccw give me no modulation out of the outputs… is this behavior expected?
Also: when in PLL mode what does the range button do? thanks in advance.


> is this behavior expected?

Yes, because the filter is completely filtering the sound.

> when in PLL mode what does the range button do? thanks in advance.

  • High = PLL
  • Medium = pattern predictor optimized for fast clocks (0.01 Hz to 100 Hz).
  • Low = pattern predictor optimized for slow clocks (less than 0.01 Hz).

Hi, thanks for yr answers.
Where can I find further infos about the pattern predictor behavior?

There’s no documentation about it. It looks for periodicities in the sequence of intervals between clock ticks, allowing it to follow swung clocks or rhythmic patterns.

Nice, thanks again.
I’ll try with slow clocks tonight :slight_smile:

…so if it looks for periodicities of intervals I suppose it’s not a simple tap or pingable thing like for example in the 4ms modules, isn’t it? Definitely I’ll try with burst clocks or drum machines into the clock in…

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If you send it a regular pattern, it’ll follow the regular pattern.

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