Tides questions

Hey there,

this is my first post, so in case anyone has asked these questions before, please forward me to that topic (and accept my apologies for the double-post).

I have been fascinated with function generators lately and love the MI stuff, so I was very, very happy when I found out about Tides! So far, my plan was to get Plaits soon, as I was also looking for a VCO that could do FM and wavefolding, but… yeah, looks like Tides can do all that, too!

So, after reading the manual and watching the videos on YouTube, I have some specific questions and hope yous can answer them:

  • is the FM input exponential or linear? Both is fine for me, I would just like to know. (1st row of inputs at the bottom, fourth input from the left / right next to the 1V/OCT one)
  • how does the polarizer work, when you turn the FM input signal into the negative range? So far I have only known about attenuators on FM inputs, so this is kinda mind-blowing to me.
  • when I use the Smoothness pot to add wavefolding (turning it cw), how extreme can it go, especially when I send a modulator into Tides as the carrier VCO?

I know, all my questions are about using it as a VCO and FM stuff, but that’s because I absolutely trust MI to ace it at the “normal” functions, haha. So far I own Links and Kinks and love both of them to death. :slight_smile:

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  • The FM input is exponential.
  • If by “polarizer” you mean attenuverter, it works as advertised. If you set it to the negative range, the CV signal will be inverted. For example, if you send a sawtooth (increasing ramp), you’ll get a decreasing frequency sweep (tiiiioooo) if the attenuverter is turned on the - side, and an increasing frequency sweep (whooooop) if the attenuverter is turned on the + side.
  • I don’t recall the details, but it’s equivalent to a 4 or 5-stage wavefolder (the same kind of wavefolding power as a Buchla “Timbre” control).

Thank you very much, those were the answers I have been looking for!

Quick follow up question: what about the
A) FM input and
B) FM Mode
In Plaits? Are they expo or linear? I guess I will in the end have both modules ^^

A) expo.
B) it’s phase modulation, not FM