Tides - Power with Doepfer LC1

Hi all,

Total modular new here, I don’t own anything yet but am planning on building a small 48HP set-up, based around Tides, VCVRack has swung things and I am taking the plunge.

I was hoping to use a Doepfer A-100 LC1 to house everything, probably including Branches, a Doepfer A-102 Diode filter (for now), some kind of spring reverb and a mixer, however, I just noticed on Dopfer’s page for the LC1 the following important note:

Important note: the load regulation of the power supply used in the A-100LC1 (A-100SSB) is not as good as the load regulation of the “big” A-100 power supplies (A-100PSU2, A-100PSU3 and the power supply of DIY kit #1). That’s why we recommend not to use the A-100LC1 with modules which are sensitive to supply voltage changes. In the first place VCOs are affected. If modules with changing loads (especially modules with LEDs) are installed together with VCOs pitch modulations may be the result. The A-100LC1 should be used only with modules which are immune to slight supply voltage changes (typically control modules like ADSR, LFO, random and most of the sound processing modules like VCFs or VCAs).

Does anyone know if Tides would be immune to supply voltage changes or should I get a different case and power supply?

According to Modular Grid, the power consumption / draw would be 154mA +12V, 90mA -12V, 0mA +5V.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.




I’ve been using tje Doepfer LC3 case for some time without problems and the power supply has not given me problems
It’s more expensive but as modular tends to grow, to have spare space at the beginning is not so important

hope it helps to decide

Hi juanv101,

Thanks for your reply, will have a think about the LC3. I was hoping to keep the set-up small as I know how easily I’ll be tempted to buy other modules. The rabbit hole is already beckoning.

Thanks again



Tides is immune to power supply variations, but the Doepfer diode filter… certainly not!

You’d better start with a bigger rack!

Somehow, I’ve realized that the mini-case makes most sense not as something for beginners, but as a creative exercise for the owners of bigger systems who want to isolate a few modules (like all those “3 modules challenges”).


Hi Pichenettes

Huge thank you for all of your work, I’m truly stoked at everything you’ve created.

Thank you for your reply also, great to know Tides is immune! I don’t mind so much with the diode, some weirdness there is ok and it’s not necessarily going to stay n my rack for too long.

The small case is intended to go alongside my MS-20 mini & SQ-1, Nord Lead 2, nice delays and a Moog Ring Mod, SP 404, and a smidge of Max MSP.

Was thinking along the lines of something small and creative, I think I might need two Tides though so yeah, maybe a bigger rack is on the cards =-)

Thanks again for your advice and everything else.

I’m looking forward to some adventures

All the best