Tides Parasite v1.1: an alternative firmware for Tides


You’re the one ! Thanks :slight_smile:


Adding linear FM capability to Tides is a great idea! But I thought its FM input was scanned at the sample rate (48kHz)?

Correction: only the Level input on Tides is read at 48kHz (for PLL purposes).

Idea: is it possible to read the FM ADC channel as well in the ProcessSampleRate() handler, or is there not enough time? If not, could a linear FM mode be provided that substites the FM ADC channel for the Level ADC channel in the ProcessSampleRate() handler?


Are we here again BB? Are you starting to see a pattern in your reactions every time I publish some stuff, and why I’m so annoyed by you?

Do you remember a few months back you came up with this (brilliant) idea, I told you that I had implemented it already but didn’t include it because I didn’t have the computing power required? Well I cleared up a few things in Two-bumps and could include the patch now. Is this enough justification?

As for the sampling rate of the FM input, a lot of code assumes that it is read at every block boundary (every 32 samples). I don’t want to change this, it would require much work and would eat up even more resources.


Be nice, you two…



mqtthiqs> As for the sampling rate of the FM input, a lot of code assumes that it is read at every block boundary (every 32 samples). I don’t want to change this, it would require much work and would eat up even more resources.

Yes, fair enough. It might have to wait for Tides code running on a faster processor, so that the sample buffer block size can be reduced, before higher rate FM is possible. An STM32F103 can only do so much.


> Be nice, you two…

Well, honestly I’ve had enough. Every time it’s the same: insinuation of “plagiarism” (linear FM? shift registers? really?), constant irruptions in my “business”, plain disrespect… Just read a couple post up in this very thread! And then BB just vanishes in half-excuses and changes topic. And in the meantime, posts this on MW. Why are you so childish? And more importantly: who are you to me exactly; do we know each other?

I just told the story to my wife (“there’s a random guy on the internet who…”). She told me: “yeah, I know this kind of frustrated people in the workplace, I’ve met some when I was working for big corporations…” But… this isn’t a job! It’s a fricking hobby What’s your problem for god’s sake? You’re ruining, not only your own reputation, but also my pleasure and what the community can benefit from, by acting like a jerk!


Here is my post from December where I explain why linear FM was not possible at the time

Here, I just lost 15 minutes of my life searching for a forum post proving to a random guy that I had the idea of linear FM in Tides before him. I should really stop this whole MI firmware nonsense.


Thanks, I had completely forgotten the Dec 2015 exchange in MW, and it seems that I have some sort of idée fixe that Tides samples all its inputs at sample rate.

I am not claiming to have thought of linear FM for Tides - it is an obvious thing to at least try, in any case, and besides, ideas, at least at the conceptual level, are cheap - it’s the detail of implementation - which is what you’ve done - that is hard work and deserves credit.

As for me mentioning the possibility of linear FM in Tides in some MW thread last week and you happening to check in code to your GitHub repository that implements that a few days later, well, it is a co-incidence, and I was just remarking on that fact. Why did I use the phrase “By some strange co-incidence…”, you might ask? Well, one of my son’s lecturers at university is Tom Ellard, aka one half of Severed Heads, a Sydney-based electronic duo that were very influential in the birth of EDM in the late 70s and early 80s. The track that shot them to fame was “Dead Eyes Open”, and the narrator on the track, which I played to my son last weekend (on vinyl) opens with the words “By some strange co-incidence…” (True!). My unconscious copied those words into the MW post. I’m sorry that it distressed you so - it was an innocent remark.

Anyway, I told myself previously to refrain from commenting on any posts by you, or commenting on your activities, because you are so prickly about them. I’ll stick to that rule henceforth.


Are you done with your puerile esoterism?

> birth of EDM

It’s EBM not EDM.


I’m sorry for being discursive, and I’m sorry if I made a category error. I always thought Severed Heads were pioneers in EDM, but maybe it was actually EBM. Not really my cup of tea, anyway (Dead Eyes Opened was the last Severed Heads record I bought, although it’s a great track).

I really will shut up now, so I don’t have to apologise for something else that offends you.


> I really will shut up now

Yes, please. That’s something you still have plenty of room to get better at.


Thanks MQ great update.As for Sevs being EDM thats the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the amazing work on the Parasites mqtthiqs! Amazing stuff.


risome> As for Sevs being EDM thats the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. :slight_smile:

Glad that I provided some amusement to somebody. The only genre that I really understand is dadcore, I’m afraid.


An absolutely amazing update! Tides Parasites is my preferred Tides firmware by a good margin – I never really found the other firmwares to be unique enough compared to other modules in my rack (not even the PLL feature of Tides/Sheep).

Gonna have fun with this tonight, thanks for all the effort you’ve put into this!


Amazing update ideed! As i have said before i am a huge fan of Tides Parasite! (well and Sheep also cause i love wavetables)!
Keep up the good work!
p.s. That crispness…I heard it too but I guess it has to do with the use of word “update” (placebo hehe!)


Good job on another brilliant new release.