Tides Parasite v1.1: an alternative firmware for Tides


>(sorry how does video embedding works already?)

Link it like a webpage URL, so minus outside parentheses "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D2MwxLj9XU results in:



Dude - fantastic videos. After viewing them I am completely blown away with all the extra features. I’m going to download the firmware now! Well done!


wow, impressive. will try & donate.

just as an aside: the name ‘parasite’ seems unfortunate, considering that the module’s original function is (mostly) unaffected by your fw version. the additional features are more like symbionts, rather than parasites, aren’t they?


Agree about the name, a parasite takes and doesn’t give back.

A word which implies additional power or features would be better :slight_smile:


‘Symbionts’… I like.



I think “Parasites” is in reference to the users who download, install and utilize the firmware without donating.


All jokes aside, though, who cares what it’s called?

All of mqtthiqs firmwares are so thoughtful and exciting…is anyone really sitting there thinking “all of these new functions are great, but the name is really bothering me”.

Sounds crazy, right?


who said anything about being ‘really bothered’? (shrug)


Just seems like a silly thing to even bring up…a name is a name and nothing more. If the code is open source, then why not the naming conventions?



names make all the difference in the world.

damn, now it is really bothering me.



“Whelp!” - Noam Chomsky


I forked the code and changed the name to “Reverse Strip Jump” before installing it on my Tides… :wink:


anyway, my comment was meant as a compliment to mqtthiqs more than anything else.
'why name something as cool as this fw after something as unpleasant as a parasite?'
that’s my way of showing my appreciation. (that, and donating)


Definitely donating for the firmware with Oliverb on Clouds when I get mine.

Tides ascension would be my suggestion for the name.


Does “BB” have a donation link?

I scoured the BitT/DMC pages, but didn’t see a link…unless it’s really buried in there…


Give the guy a donation he deserves it , I know I did and he can call it what he likes he coded it :slight_smile:
BB deserves some donations as well if you use his alt firmwares


Thanks, but BB doesn’t need nor want any donations. I’d rather you gave something to MSF or similar, or just saved up for another MI module.


Parasite install problems were resolved by playing the file on mobile phone, output to Mackie (any) mixer, addrd some gain, put maximum volume and YES ! install complete. Enjoy. A lot.


I am really not interested in this debate. Please, open a new thread if you want to go on.


Hi, it is my displeasure to revive this thread to tell you that I released Tides Parasite v1.11. The new version has:

  • Twice as many harmonics in Two-bumps (from 14 to 28)
  • Through-zero linear FM (with the caveat that the FM input doesn’t have a very high sampling rate)
  • a few more small adjustments and fixes; you can read all about them on the release page