Tides Parasite v1.1: an alternative firmware for Tides


I just use a normal 3.5mm mono patch cable from my macs output at full volume and highlight the wav file and hit the space bar to play it back .Only thing I had to do with TIDES was turn the FM knob full CW


Loaded the firmware from my MOTU with no problem, FM knob at center position!
It is certainly an awesome work! Congratulations! And i haven’t yet tried the Two-Drunks mode!
I will donate also as soon as the capital control (i live in Greece) ends and the paypal payments are unblocked!


Tried an ipad, my motu too and the headphone out of the laptop and various adjustments of cables / soundcards and FM knob. I think this is most likely a hardware issue over anything else. It will probably have to go back to paris if it’s allowed to.


When you use the stock firmware as a VCO, does it respond to the FM CV input? (with the attenuverter all the way CW of course)


Just as an aside I would avoid playing these wavs through my soundcard as they are potentially likely to offend the converters on board your soundcard .I destroyed a MOTU once sending similar sounds through it once


> as they are potentially likely to offend the converters on board your soundcard

I’m afraid that’s utter superstition.

At loud volume it could damage tweeters though.


Don’t ever play them backwards though.




Fair comment but I’m not risking my $2000 sound card again


What have you done with the destroyed sound card?

I have an entire business at stake where I sell little things which send extreme signals to converters. So if there’s a Basilisk or The Entertainment signal that can harm the audio circuit it goes through, I’m willing to pay good money to know more about it.


I will have to look in my storage for the sound card bro .It could be coincidence but all i know is after sending similar type signals and also cv control signals through my MOTU 828 it produced an awful screeching noise floor which essentially made it no longer usable.I will get back to you after i search in storage to see if i still have it.My point really is to save your sound card for recording playing back music and use a less expensive option to transmit utility /program files
cheers Risome


Sorry for the silence … Spent the weekend photographing a weddding… nice stressful way to relax!

It would appear the FM still works ok on mine. So there’s something about the module that doesn’t like any firmware update. The 3 light’s do this as follows.

Nothing played but on uploader mode for a while >> all 3 red.

Signal too low >> all 3 yellow flashing

Signal just right ( as confirmed with the other tides ) >> all led’s go out. Completing the FW playback nothing happens no reset etc. In effect it goes into the bootloader mode for a hardware flash.

Cards/soundcards/cables tried:

Motu 828 mk3 / UGM 96 / ipad / macbook pro soundcard. Various patch cables DIY + manufactured. Stereo cables.

FM in dial settings::

0 1/4 1/2 3/4 Full.

If there’s anything else anyone can suggest I’ll give it a shot, otherwise @pichenettes can I organise a trip to the Mutable hospital?


>can I organise a trip to the Mutable hospital?

Yes send it back to me.


I get something similar to stevencrichton however for me it’s either an immediate 3 red LEDs flashing, or Tides starts to receive packets (cycling green, yellow, orange) for about 2 seconds, then it starts flashing 3 reds.

I have tried setting the FM knob to full CW (and centre positions) and I am using Reaper to precisely control the output volume of the sound card (to 2 decimal places) without luck.

Any suggestions will be welcome.


ahonoe are you updating your Tides from Sheep to Parasite or standard Tides firmware. Try increasing the volume


Thanks risome. I’m going from standard firmware to Parasite. I’ve set volume at everything from unity to -40db and with every combination of the FM knob at 0.25 to full clockwise (max). No love. Sometimes it starts receiving packets then errors off, sometimes it just errors.


> I’ve set volume at everything from unity to -40db

Often when going between line/pro level and modular, unity gain is not enough. You need at least +12dB to +20dB boost inside your modular in order to get the signal to a proper 10Vpp level.


ahonoe, people seem to be getting good results with any of the iThings at full volume. If you get a red light when no audio is played or the cable isn’t plugged at all, then you may have noise coming into the module from your psu (that’s what I heard, not sure about it though). Try switching case if you can.


Thanks mqtthiqs and C14ru5. combining both suggestions looks to have worked. I ran the output of my iPhone at full volume into a PB InOut (to bring it up to CV levels) then into Tides. Looks like it took.


Hey y’all. Here are two videos I just spent a painful amount of time making, presenting Two Bumps and Two Drunks:

(sorry how does video embedding works already?)