Tides Parasite v1.1: an alternative firmware for Tides

[I’m doing a lot of cross-posting about this, I hope it’s ok]

After Clouds and Frames, I just released Tides Parasite, a free alternative firmware for Tides. If you don’t know the Parasites series already, these alternative firmware projects add enhancements to the existing functionalities of the modules, and provide completely new modes that can turn your MI module into something radically different.

Tides Parasite adds the following features to Tides:

  • Two-bumps: a silky 28-voices harmonic oscillator (a.k.a. additive synthesizer) with two spectral bumps or notches, control over centroids and width, harmonics selection, wave quality, a sub-oscillator, a 1-bit output, and a special harmonics shuffling output for unusual, random timbres.
  • Two-drunks: a complex, duophonic random walk generator with selectable interpolation, driven by two altered clocks: one is jittery, the other simulates a biased coin toss. This mode is quite versatile and can be used as: an oscillator with PLL, a Bernoulli gate, a random trigger delay, a stepped, smooth or waveshaped random voltage generator, a random burst generator, a surprising filtered noise source… and probably more!
  • A built-in quantizer with a choice of 7 scales.
  • Through-zero linear FM modulation in all modes.

All features of the official firmware are left untouched and still accessible (with a few exceptions mentioned in the manual). As usual, the firmware and its documentation are accessible on the website of the project .

This firmware has been stress-tested by a handful of intrepid beta-testers (thank you guys). Video demos and tutorials will hopefully follow soon; in the meantime don’t hesitate to post yours here or on Muffs !

A last word: I am particularly proud of this project on Tides (false modesty aside:) I really hope you’ll like it); In fact I had so much trouble letting it go that I even considered having people pay for it, but soon renounced, as it was really not the spirit of the Parasites series from the beginning. Yet, it took me a considerable amount of time to code, so if you use one of the Parasites regularly, like this work and/or want to support the project, please consider donating via the PayPal button on the website. If you do, there will be more!

A better name for a FW update that adds functions to a module called tides might be crests.

Thanks mate
Just installed.I found that you must have the the FM knob full CW for the update to work.You get 3 blinking red leds a shortway into the update otherwise.
Cheers Risome

Strictly, 14 partials rather than 14 voices?

i believe the fm knob’s position control’s the signal level for the incoming firmware wav allowing for compensation of playback output. too hot or to low and the firmware won’t take - sometimes a bit of fiddling is in order…

In double bump mode, there seems to be a lot of aliasing noise when the lower LED is off, even more aliasing noise when the lower LED is green, and least aliasing when it is red, which is not what the documentation suggests. Has anyone else found that?

I think my other tides is gubbed weird yellow flashing LED’s trying to get it to take a new firmware. I had totally forgotten that I needed to look into fixing it :frowning:

I love you and hate you, all at the same time! Too much temptation to blitz the one with sheep on it now.

> Has anyone else found that?

Yes, the behaviour is not consistent with the documentation.

> Yes, the behaviour is not consistent with the documentation.

Oops, forgot to update the doc. Should be fixed now, thanks.

@pichenettes I’ve just tried my tides again with the update issues. I think it was a B stock one perhaps. Going into update mode there’s no issues. However as soon as the firmware plays the 3 leds go off.

Is there a stock firmware download to try as well? Or do I need to send it back to the mothership to be assessed?

> Is there a stock firmware download to try as well?


Steve have you tried setting the FM knob fully CW before updating?

yes, knob at different settings and 3 different audio interfaces.

I’ll try the stock one, but as soon as the handshake for the file load starts all the lights go dead.

Nope… no luck :frowning:

did you try different cables? i’ve had some mi modules refuse updates when using some patch cables while it worked flawlessly with others…

more cables tried. stereo + mono. Tried a serial update with no luck as OSX has killed the build environment with it’s last update ( need to create the new VB )

The lights flash yellow ready, once the inital message is sent, if the volume is too low, red lights. Otherwise 50:50 3 solid yellow led’s or all 3 leds turn off.

This is trying sheep / tides / parasite firmwares.

I have also tried the knobs at various levels, such as braid FW updates require and also various button combinations as the fw starts to play

I have had good luck using VLC player and bumping up the dB level, might be worth a try. (Use mouse scroll up to do so if I remember right).

steven, people seem to be reporting success with an iPhone or iPod at full volume. Don’t know if that could help.