Tides jagged modulation

Hello, first post here, big Mutable fan!

I’m finding that my Tides has a bumpy, or rather jagged modulation curve. The manual describes this as normal with the bipolar output, but the unipolar output should be smooth, no? I saw a demonstration of this on perfect circuits channel on YouTube where wave shaping was at 12 o’clock and unipolar output was being used and mine just does not sound like the one on the video when on the same settings. All knobs at noon and using unipolar mine basically has a sharp bump between going the rise and fall portions. Is there any way to fix this? I’m using parasites firmware and a tip top mantis for my power supply


In Parasites at audio rate, the rise/fall knob makes a different waveform from 12 o clock onwards that has a much more pronounced spike. Iirc Matthias felt that a different palette there was more interesting as at audiorate theres not much difference in a rising or falling sawtooth.

Turn the rise/fall knob to a little under 12 for a smoother ride.

Sorry, it’s been a long few months and a while since I scoped Tides. I have the knob the wrong way around above.

7-12 o clock is spiky, 12 to 5 o clock is the regular shape when running at audiorate.