Tides Frequency knob working backwards

I bought a 2nd Tides last week (green PCB v0.3). I’ve noticed that the Frequency works backwards. CCW raises the freq. My other Tides was a B-Stock (through hole resistor kludged to the back), black PCB v0.2 and CC raises the freq. Was this a deliberate change? I did update both with 1ms. The old one works as it should but the new one still has the freq reversed.

also, whats the difference between firmware 1.0 and 1ms?

NM with version difference. Found it: "The change is ridiculously sensitive, so there are very strong arguments not to push this into production.

I won’t go longer than 1ms.

I won’t do the same thing for the HIGH output. It’ll stay HIGH after the attack phase just as it should. If the hold/release phase is too short to trigger your favorite module, it’s your problem."

> Was this a deliberate change?

No, it’s just that the calibration procedure has been done incorrectly. Recalibrate and the problem will be gone.

The 1ms version ensures that the signals on the HIGH / LOW tide output have a pulse width of at least 1ms - so that they can always be used to trigger “slow” modules.

> Recalibrate and the problem will be gone.

Yep, that done did it.