Tides detune?

Given that the unipolar and bipolar outputs of Tides are on separate channels of the DAC, and the samples for each are calculated separately, I wonder if it would be worthwhile permitting a very slight and possibly random or varying detune between them, for when both outputs are used simultaneously (at audio rates)? The question can be answered empirically, but an appeal to theory is always warranted first, and I don’t fully understand all the subtleties of the differenced parabolas technique (translation: I am too lazy to look it up and work through the maths) used in Tides.

Does anyone have any thoughts on or insights into this idea?

Unlikely to be possible. Both outputs still share the same ramp generation logic.

Hmmm, fair enough. How about in Sheep? I shall look…

Would be easier to do in Sheep, but then how would you adjust the detune amount?