Tides And/Or CV Pal Questions (possible n00b-ness inside)

Hi all, I finally got a chance to listen to Tides last night and I’m already really excited, even though I’m sure I just scratched the surface of capabilities. I was running sequences out of Ableton via CV Pal using channel 14. CV went to Tides and Gate went to my VCA (Barton Musical Circuits VCA / Mixer that I built). I had Tides in high range and in the looping mode (LED off). I was noticing some popping sounds that did not sound great. It was present in in the bipolar output, and was overpoweringly annoying in unipolar mode. The popping seemed to be every 1/16 note (every gate). Here are my questions:

1) Was I doing something wrong with Tides (i.e. wrong mode, etc.)
2) Is this a characteristic of the CV Pal? Do I need to troubleshoot my CVPal?
3) Is there something else I’m doing wrong? (VCA issue, bad ground somewhere)

As always - thanks for your help. This forum is the best!

First: If your VCA is DC-coupled, don’t use it for signals with a DC offset like Tides’ unipolar output. It will cause your gate signal (a big, fat click) to leak in the output.

It could just be that… But to be on the safe side, could you please post a recording?

Well, right off the bat, I tend to think that’s what is going on. I’m at work at the moment (west coast USA), so I’ll try to shoot a quick video tonight and post it up. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of doing that last night. Thanks for your quick response!

The VCA you are using seems to be based on the TH VCA, which I built 3x into a DIY euro module, it should in theory have a switch to couple it to either DC or AC. That being said, if it doesn’t it means that it’s coupled to one of them, and I can’t find any info on which one that would be…

So, I haven’t quite been able to reproduce what I originally encountered. I was having too much fun patching. The popping does seem to be on the unipolar mode only, and seems in time with the gate signals. I’ll try to get a video soon. Cheers.

Also, I just remembered, when I received my Tides. there was damage to the (programming?)headers on the back of the module. They were bent, as if they module was packed too tightly, or maybe something was stacked on it? Seeing as I bought a B-stock unit, I just assumed that was what caused it to be B-Stock. I just wanted to mention it in case it’s an issue with the factory packing procedures. I don’t think it’ll affect my use of the module.