Tides, 2018 revision


I think a poly mode as in 4 v/oct inputs would not fit to the feature set at all. I highly doubt it would be available as an official update.
Would 100% be possible though, just more as a parasites thing


You’d lose most CV control of parameters other than pitch, if you were to implement 4-note polyphony.

More importantly, though, all the CV inputs have attenuverters (which make no sense in V/Oct terms), and aren’t setup hardware-wise as pitch CV inputs.


I think he means something more in the line of Rings poly mode for Tides. Trig could be strum and the level knob could set the envelope for the 4 voices.


Ah, that makes more sense, I guess.


I dont know, it seems kinda pointless to be honest. I mean what do you want to achieve with this? Poly single sawtooth plucks? Why not just use rings?
Sine waves and wavefoldish/fm sounds you can get from rings green alt mode


Yeah it’s tottally what i would’t want from my tides but that’s what i thought when i read the previous post.
I think Tides is great the way it is. Doesn’t need any firmware alting for me.


What would be kinda cool is a shift register mode where every new note on v/oct in is advanced to the next output upon receiving a trigger.
Kinda like what marbles can do