Tides, 2018 revision


Fabulous, the addition of attenuators is really useful, and it sounds like there are a number of other positives, I’m intrigued as to the “fun poly things” too :slight_smile:



Sooooo videodemos? :stuck_out_tongue:


ah so it‘s finally out.
everybody get at least two!
(to get most out of the fact that the ‚level‘ input is now bipolar, among other things)


I just noticed that the trigger input is set up for soft sync in audio oscillator mode - nice! Love a bit of that soft-synced oscillator sound, should be interesting with the wave folding etc. Is the trigger input sampled at 7.8kHz or at a higher rate?

I notice that the output sample rate is cut to 32kHz in “Different Frequencies” mode, but presumably the output waveforms are bandwidth-limited so they still sounds good at that lower rate, without needing additional low-pass filtering?

Anyway, I have ordered a Tides v2 via our excellent local distributor here in Oz, Tin Shed Modular. Looking forward to playing with it, and then having a go at a bit of hacking on it when the source code is out.


An aside: congratulations on this release happening the way you prefer, Olivier. I really respect that we hear nothing until you are ready and the module is shipping! This came as a great surprise just as I was considering adding a second Tides to my system.


The trigger and clock inputs are sampled at the main rate (62kHz or 31kHz).

Yes, the output waveforms are band-limited.


beautiful and well thought out evolution of the original Tides.


Ah, you are referring to this:

Ask yourself the question: what causes tides?


More than fast enough for really nice soft-sync. Will be interesting to combine that with PLL via the clock input.

I knew they would be, just asking in case anyone looked askance at the 32kHz sample rate.

A bit OT, but it makes me wonder if bandwidth-limited waveforms at the 16.7kHz sample rate that O&C supports could sound OK, at least for bass lines? Naïve non-bandwidth-limited waveforms at that sample rate make me grind my teeth.


It’ll sound dull and low-pass filtered, but if you use proper band-limited synthesis it won’t certainly be grating on the ears.


Any plans to upgrade streams ? i was thinking in get another one for the case but a couple of extra things will be cool !!


The Lightbath video featuring Tides is rather nice - I guess I’ll need to pre-order


Will there ever be a firmware adaptation of Sheep for this module? Attenuverters are really handy when it comes to wavetable navigation.



The new “host” for Sheep is Plaits.


That makes sense, thank you!


So what exactly happens to all of the Tides v1’s that are still out there with the retailers?


I have stopped selling the v1 6 months ago, so there shouldn’t be many of them left.


Ah well, Signal Sounds in Glasgow have this marked as being in stock, so I just had to order one :slight_smile:


So not an official firmware adaptation, but as noted above, the Tides v2 hardware seems able to support a true quad VCO mode (four independent 1V/Oct inputs) with shared waveform/timbral controls inputs, albeit as a wavetable oscillator (à la Sheep) - there may not be enough CPU grunt for quad channel direct band-limited waveform synthesis. But wavetables at a 64kHz sample rate and 14-bits depth should still sound pretty good. Olivier has indicated that there is plenty of spare flash storage, so fairly extensive wavetables could be used.

But none of that can happen until the source code is released, and that depends on the first few batches of production being sold out, so place your orders! I’ve placed mine.