Tides, 2018 revision

Ah, that makes more sense, I guess.

I dont know, it seems kinda pointless to be honest. I mean what do you want to achieve with this? Poly single sawtooth plucks? Why not just use rings?
Sine waves and wavefoldish/fm sounds you can get from rings green alt mode

Yeah it’s tottally what i would’t want from my tides but that’s what i thought when i read the previous post.
I think Tides is great the way it is. Doesn’t need any firmware alting for me.


What would be kinda cool is a shift register mode where every new note on v/oct in is advanced to the next output upon receiving a trigger.
Kinda like what marbles can do

Kind of a silly question, but how would you create a unipolar sine wave (LFO or audio rate) with Tides V2?

With an offset module :slight_smile: (Veils with the Blinds firmware for example).


Update process with a simple solder iron!

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Is that possible?

No but it’s going to be a recurring joke from now on.


It is absolutely doable but you will have to do a manual calibration yourself after the firmware update…

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Update process with a simple solder iron!
Is the new
Darude - Sandstorm.




Understood that I2C is not implemented in the code but as I use Tides in different frequencies mode at audio range freq all the time and I have monome hardware, I am wondering if this would be actually possible with a user soldering effort and some code writing.
Asking before I even embark in trying it.

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We live in a beautiful world in which, by coincidence, the UART TX/RX pins used by the test jig and exposed on the back of the module are also connected to an I2C peripheral of the STM32F. No modification of the board will be needed.

So it’ll only be a matter of coding (I2C driver code + any software to receive the data and act upon it).

This also applies to Plaits and to some extent Stages (as it would then break the chaining feature).


Thanks :pray:t4:
You are amazing!
Now it is a matter to understand the code!

Is it tides v2 on your github?

/tides is the original version, /tides2 is the most recent version.

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And it’s also possible for Warps, Rings, Elements, Clouds – but then you have to use software I2C and it’s more complicated (you need a timer interrupt with higher priority than the audio stuff to manage your software I2C state machine).


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Theres a rings alternative green mode, or just normal green?

Edit: holy shit
Edit2: wow.

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Yup pretty dope huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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