Tides 2018 hidden mode?


Hi guys,
Just recently bought a tides 2018, which complements my rack so well! The module is great (as all my other mutable modules are as well) and I had some hours the last couple of days spending to learn and experiment with it.
As most of the mutable modules share some factory built hidden modes / easter eggs apart from firmware hacks I was wondering if tides v2 would also have one… However, in previous forum posts Olivier denied - when asked about…
Hmm --I figured out that - when pressing all 3 buttons at once for a couple of seconds, either the upper left , or the upper right (depending if any button pushed again) lights next to the buttons will start to flash… Sadly I couldn´t figure out any strange/special behaviour of the modules. When pushin


There is no easter egg.

This is the calibration mode.


Ah, I see – thanks for your quick reply… I already assumed something like this, as I couldn´t get th module doing anything when swithed to calib. mode…
Are there any further infos available bout calibrating tides v2?

Thanks again for this awesome module!


The module is factory calibrated and you shouldn’t have to override it.


:+1: - hope I didn´t re-calibrate the module accidentially…


If it still tracks V/O you’re good (unlike on previous modules, the recent modules do some sanity checks on the calibration offset/scale, so if you don’t feed the expected 1V and 3V in the correct order, they’ll just ignore the calibration procedure).


Ace - thankfully it still behaves as it should… And thanking you again for the immediate help!


That is an excellent feature! Especially for those if us space-brained enough to accidentally get into the calibration mode more than once.