Tides 2018 - frequency ratio modification

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First post here - want to say at the outset how much I love and respect what Mutable Instruments is doing. Stages and Blinds were two of my first modules and I love them. The designs of all the modules are amazing.

I recently bought Tides, new, and have been loving my early days with it.

But I’ve noticed that when working with clocked LFOs, there’s a fairly significant delay before the module responds to changes to frequency (i.e. division / multiplication). I also can’t work out a pattern to the delay - I initially thought it waited until it completed a given number of cycles before switching the clock division / multiplication, but on examination it doesn’t seem so.

Is this normal, expected behaviour?

I’ve looked for discussion of this online but haven’t seen anything as yet.

Any help very much appreciated :slight_smile:

This is normal, the module waits for a cycle to finish before changing to the next ratio.

For example, if the ratio is 4/3 and you change it to 2, you have to wait for the third cycle of the original (undivided) waveform to complete, that is to say the point where both the original and the divided waveform coincide, before the new ratio of 2 is applied.

Thank you so much for your reply, and so quickly!

Please forgive me but I’m not fully understanding the rules that apply to decide when the change takes effect, would you mind explaining a little further, and perhaps in slightly simpler terms? I’m sure it’s clear to others already, but not me. I can’t find it explained in the manual

Also, is there a list or chart anywhere of the divisions / multiplications / ratios that can be applied? That would be super useful

Thank you again for taking the time to help with this

Here’s a little drawing showing 3 scenarios: starting with a ratio of 1/3, 4/3 or 2/5, the user requests a change to a ratio of 2.

The change will only occur when both the original (undivided) waveform, and the divided waveforms have both finished their cycle and are ready to restart a new cycle. Thus, the waveform doesn’t slow down or accelerate mid-way. It can take up to q cycles for this alignment to occur and the change to take place, where q is the denominator of the ratio.


Perfect, now I understand, thank you so much!

Do you happen to have a list of the ratios, as they map onto the Frequency knob?

These are some very interesting ratios

Here are the ratios:


At audio rate, some ratios are adjusted to correspond to musical intervals (9/8 is a second, 81/64 is a major third, 4/3 is a fourth, 27/8 is a major sixth one octave above). The high denominators of these fractions means that it can take a short while for the waveforms to be in sync and the ratio to be changed (worst case, about 0.1s with a root note of C1).

At modulation rate, the fractions are simpler.

The ratios close to 1 involve prime numbers, chosen for a maximally long beating pattern between the outputs.

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This is amazing, thank you so much - so great to have these

I also wondered about the divisions / multiplications effected on the main output by the Frequency knob. Do you have those in list form too?

Sorry to be taking more of your time on this!

I’ve updated the spreadsheet with these values.


Thank you so so much :slight_smile: