Tides 2018 Equal Temperament

I’m trying to change the firmware of my Tides 2018 to give me chords in equal temperament. I have absolutely no knowledge of python but with the help of my father I have identified the table that I used to define the frequency ratios of the different outputs.

The only thing I don’t understand is the way the ratios are written in the table. For example:

{ { 1.0f, 1 }, { 1.125f, 8 }, { 1.265625f, 64 }, { 1.5f, 2 } },

This gives me, with the frequency set to a C3, a C3, D3, E3 and G, which is a whole step, a major third and a fifth away from C3.

I know I’ll lose the polyrhythms in LFO mode, but I don’t use those anyway.

Could someone maybe help me?

You have the ratio, as a float, and the denominator of the fraction (for example 1.125 = 9/8, so { 1.125f, 8 }.

You won’t lose polyrhythmic LFOs since tthere are two tables, one for audio and one for modulation rate.


Ah thank you a lot!
Also great that I won‘t lose polyrhythmic lfos!

Could I also just leave out the denominator of the fraction and use just the float? Again I have no understanding of python.

This is not python, but C++, and this has nothing to do with understanding a programming language, but the logic behind it.

You need to specify the denominator so that a transition from one ratio to the next occurs after a complete number of cycles has elapsed, preventing glitches and clicks. You can leave the denominator to 1 if you can handle the glitches, but why don’t you try specifying a correct denominator instead?


Okay that makes sense. I‘ll try using a correct denominator.
One last question:
When I upload the altered firmware to the module by playung the .wav file, will this destroy factory calibration?



It worked! Thank you a lot!