Tides 2018 -- AD in Mult/Div mode idea: Repeats and Rachets

On another thread presenting an idea about Tides, @pichenettes indicated that the code would be non-trivial to mod. Would this idea be similarly difficult?

Depends on the skills of who’s doing it (not me)!

What I can say is that the overall “framework” and the concepts used in Tides’ code are not meant for that. Several things that will have to be taken care of:

  • Use a table with custom frequency ratios that will be used in this mode only (not sure the default ratios are suitable for this).
  • Implement the concept of repetition in the AD code.
  • Find the right place to do the weird amplitude scaling thing that occurs with non-integer ratios (and ask yourself if this is a pre or post wavefolder/filter thing?)
  • Find the right thing to do when the module is externally clocked (with or without trigger input). Or maybe this mode is available only when the trigger input is patched?