Tides 2 Triggered Envelope Syncing Behavior?

I’ve been working with Tides 2 in VCV Rack for a while, trying to emulate a Mangrove. I went back to some of my patches after several weeks away, and am now confused with what I’m seeing.

When Triggered (not Clocked) by an External source, Tides helpfully syncs its period with the External period at Frequency position 12 0’clock, right?

In these examples Tides is off by about 30% and 100% (it should be triggering a full triangle but instead has room to trigger only half of it, i.e. a ramp shape).

Are my settings right? Thanks for your help.


The period is whatever you dial with the FREQUENCY knob.

If you want the period of the ramp with that of your clock, use the CLOCK input.

As far as I know, the sync on the Mangrove is active only on descending (or ascending?) segments, that’s what allows the frequency divider effect.

That is correct. Mangrove also retriggers from its current position, not 0. So not a close Mangrove emulation, but better than the noisy gibberish that Just Friends offers in Mangrove mode. I work with what I have.

Plaits’ granular formant oscillator might have a more similar sound.