Those two protos on my desktop

I have 2 Shruthi-1 prototypes on my desktop. Mr Green and Mr Red. They have the so called “rev 0.2” hardware with the following flaws:

  1. A “monkey with a typewriter” bug causes random display glitches (as in “every hour”)
  2. A “monkey with a typewriter” bug causes random R/W to the eeprom (as in “I never observed it but it might happen”)
  3. In some cases (loud signal on the external input, or high room temperature shifting the cutoff frequency of the filter above 25kHz), the filter will crash on one of the power rails
  4. The position of the ATMega644p is a bit off, so the boards must be spaced apart by 23mm instead of 20mm
  5. I did the soldering :smiley:

Besides those, it’s functional (remember this youtube video) and I have some #defines to continue compiling the firmware for this version - so it’s not like they are running obsolete firmware.

So I was thinking of doing something useful with those. Ideally:

  • It might benefit as many people as possible, not a single, greedy collector :slight_smile:
  • It might allow me to collect feedback, bug reports
  • There’s some money spent in building those - the parts and the failed board, so I won’t let them go for free. But I understand it’s not really something worth buying compared to the final product.

What I was thinking: for a small fee, you get it for a small amount of time (5 days?), and then you send it back to the next person in the chain… How to organize that? I have no idea, but if you have a better suggestion, let me know…

yeah that’s cool!

I want to be #2 after rosch . . . . ship them to a small intro tour!

P.S.: 5. cant be that bad… at least not as bad as mine…

Hi Folks,
i’m insterested too by “proto shruti chain” but i begin my holidays next week-end and will be out of line and out of synth during 3 weeks !
Perhaps after if it’s possible !
See ya later !