Those Baneful Apples

Marbles, Stages, Rings, Plaits, Elements, Braids, Grids, Clouds, Blinds (x2), Shades, Ripples, Old Tides, New Tides with Batumi, QR2, 3 Sisters, uVCF and DLD

First time in months that I’ve managed to even sit down and patch. I changed meds a few months ago to citalopram which kept just making me dangerously suicidal (plus whenever I sat down, I’d also fall asleep for 3 hours) so decided to come off that, the withdrawal from those nearly killed me but I got off them and have started the next spin on roulette wheel with fluoxetine. Every breath is still a battle, it’s exhausting.


Keep going! Your ambient jams are a joy to listen to.

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As always, great jams!
Speaking from second hand experience and studying psychiatry, have you considered a short term hospitalization? In my experience, adjusting medications works a lot better in a clinical environment than in an outpatient setting.
Unfortunately, this roulette game as you said is a classic of psychiatry as from patient to patient there is such wide variability in response to meds. Keep being strong and eventually you will find the one that works for you!
Much love

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There are alternatives to both.
If you’re interested let me know.

Resyn Thesis

This is exactly the kind of sound I’m in to. Deep soundscapes that paint a scene. Awesome!

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