Thomas Henry VCA-1 12V?

I’m back once again with another project, which is out of my league! :wink:

I want to ask if one of you clever human beings (extraterrestrials are welcome too) if you can help me make some adjustments to make the Thomas Henry VCA-1 run on ±12V instead of ±15V?
Here are the schematics

With my hat in my hand as usual, begging for a handout from all the big brains in here!

12 voltage is not a problem for this circuit.

Greetings Rolf

Thank you! That was the quickest “conversion” ever! ; )


Or for a different opinion (including resistor changes to make it in tune on 12v) check this thread and also this one

Nantonos, you are mixing up VCA and VCO I think. If not, I’d like to hear your arguments. The VCA schematics do not use the rails for anything else except generating tiny offsets. It doesn’t need resistor changes.

Guilty as charged.
I happened to have been reading threads about running the VCO on 12V the day before, so I pattern matched too quickly and misread VCA as VCO. Hence the cvomment about ‘in tune’.
Sorry for the noise.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: