Thomas Henry up to new adventures

I just had to take a peek…
Magic Smoke Electronics seem to have published a new Thomas Henry book. Previously they took care of his classics, then reintroduced the VCO Chip Cookbook. Now he’s back with a 220-page book on PICAxe projects

Link to for the PDF version

That could be an interesting read.

Just bought it - a good read for beginners…. but i wonder why he used such a whimsy chip where beefier ones (20X2, 28X2, 40X2) are readily available for just a tad more. With these his MIDI IN hassle (the trick is hardware background serial receive into the biiiig buffer) would have been solved…….

I suspect his work as a college professor forces him to adopt a “do more with less” modus operandi. Nothing wrong with that, but when it forces you to build the Eiffel Tower from old resistor leg clippings, a soldering iron and a snow showel you need to be able to change the parameters of your project…

I like the Thomas Henry books no less; they’re always concise, educational and good reads. The VCO Chip book is very, very good! A21C is mainly a collection of schematics, but if you know some electronics it’s very rewarding - dat phaser!