This one’s for fcd72

You know you want it. :wink:

Im so tempted, especially with this generous 0,72% Discount! Nice is also the 32 Voices, but since its not my Size (i want the 76 Key Version) and not my Color (i need the original blue Nextel with the Wooden SIdes) i think ill pass this one to jojjelito.

What? There’s an even bigger edition? O_o

Free domestic delivery by bicycle included?

Is that really what those things realistically go for?!

I remember reading about them years ago. They were the sort of instrument only rich established artists like Bjork would buy.

The item listed on the site has been serviced, they are a good 21 years old now.

There’s one here for around £10,000 uk pounds, but it is the 16 voice model.

I need to buy a lottery ticket.

I’d rather have a BMW R1200GS.

The price seems a bit insane even fully serviced. Still, that 16-voice expansion board is probably extremely rare and it’s not like this was ever a synth with a reasonable price tag even new anyway. :wink:

Here’s the Sound on Sound review from back in the days.

Supply and demand, they’re not a very common unit. It’s got the analogue filters too, high and low pass. Plus it will analyse sound to generate a wave.

I personally would want something like that for the interface.

I liked the discount of 150 bucks, hahaha

There are only 290 Waves - and the one i hunt for was only built twice :wink:

There was one sold recently kinda near me here in Sweden. It was a 16-voice Shadow fully working, but in need of new gas dampers. Went for 65000 SEK or thereabouts. Stick that thru for your price in Yen. I was tempted, but life made sure I had other things to worry about (O_O);

So this one is for some oligarch with some pocket money.

My Waldorf lust is kinda sated - the MWxt and Qrack would only maybe need a RackAttack, or so I try to tell myself.

Edit: SoundDiver for my trusty old K5000 will let me do resynth stuff if I need some outboard gear to do it. K5000 love!