This Made Me Cringe a Little

This whole ad is interesting, but the part from 2:40 on really made me cringe.

I know that I’m not the target audience for this. Really all I heard was, “Kids spend 1000$ on a laptop… why don’t they spend that on this?”

Yeah… more than that. A synthesizer is a tool, and there are rules to consider when using one. When someone says, “oh that’s easy you just turn knobs”, it is understandable… When a “producer” - who is paid, what I presume is, the big bucks for their knowledge - says that… it just makes the whole thing sound like it isn’t a specialized skill.

Just a little?

Ahahahahaha… I’m in the target bracket, and I certainly don’t want a møøg after seeing that… I love how he starts out saying that you need to know what you’re doing, but if you buy a møøg product, you can make amazing stuff without knowing what you’re doing…

+I’m fairly certain most people my age bracket see møøg as the ultra-expensive old-timer, whereas something like novation’s supernova is much more desirable…

I wasn’t aware that just because something is analog, it sounds new… So my 303 OSC sounds new, because it’s analog? LOLWUT?

Yeah, the entire thing was a confusing contradiction. If they made better ads, you would have a different point of view. Out of curiosity, what do you think of the Novation Bass Station II?

Well, I get the fascination with it, since it was one of the cheap and cheerful awesome modules waaay back, but I find the price point a bit high, particularly since I don’t need another too small keyboard in my life (I already have my Supernova II Keyboard for keys, don’t need any more).
I’m too young to have experienced the whole “I need a 303 in my soundsystem for acid, let’s go find a cheap one in a thriftstore”-experience (or the subsequent “Holy shit, that much for a 303? Screw it, lets get a bass station instead”-experience…)

So, I think that it is too expensive for me, and having checked the prices, a old rack version can be gotten for ~1000dkk less than the new version… I might one day buy one, but I don’t feel any particular need to own one right now… (Which I coincidentally did feel back when korg announced the MS-20 mini… Thankfully I’ve managed to not buy one yet…Eurorack is expensive enough as is already… )

It generally seems difficult to market a new synth, looking at the current market at least - Novation cut parts out of their old glorious synths, add usb midi, and sell it as the next new thing, Alesis more or less died when they were bought by Numark/Akai-dude, Moog has played far too long on the grandfather attitude with their countless rehashes of old gear (might not be old gear, but feels and looks like it… Could be really cool though), Nord seems like they are concentrating on Organs, and are way above my generations current means, same with Access’ Virus line(although some make do with older gear, or save a lot of money, until they can get one), Waldorf are mostly doing what novation are doing, Roland are dicking around with multisamplergrillwokmeister X 5000 synths that seem dedicated to roadgoing solo wedding/party musicians, and ehh… So is Yamaha… Not that much new stuff left, and stuff like Ableton is driving hardware makers in the wrong direction, at least if you like one knob per function stuff…

@Bass Station 2

I’m just waiting for courier :slight_smile:

At the moment, judging from the demos by SonicState (with Nick Bookman) and Sweetwater, I think the sound is kinda between Juno, SH-101 & modern Moogs.

@V`cent: I’m holding off on the MS20 Mini mostly because the keyboard isn’t that great, and I would have preferred a module, like the MS50 with Midi. They are probably going to make it though, so I am holding off. Also, Roland is pretty preoccupied with that… You did see where they put a synthesizer in an accordion controller, right?

@MaxZorn: I hope you enjoy it. I was interested in the 24dB diode filter myself. I wonder how far it can be pushed… You’ll have to hook your Shruthi up to it and let us know how it sounds!

to be fair, Moog didn’t write the script for the guy. But then again they didn’t edit it out either. If they can make a living in the boutique analog synth market by selling these then hooray for them. Seriously. I’m sure they will sell as many as they can make. But not to me. SOMEBODY told me about Eurorack and now any money that I have now and any money that I will ever have in the future is goooooone.

The Sub Phatty is pretty great, but I’d rather have a Prodigy any day.

Lots of editing in that video, but when he’s talking about being able to create “unique sounds” without “knowing what’s going on” I think he’s actually talking about tweaking the knobs as part of playing the thing and using the result as a loop to build on. The part where he mentions not having to page through a lot of screens with settings also refers to that.