This architecture too complicated?

I have never seen a synth where the user can freely stack oscillators. e.g. say there are 12 voices with 1 oscillator each…I thought it would be fun to be able to switch it to a 4 voice, 3 oscilltor or 6 voice 2 oscilltor. Is this way too complicated or just dumb idea? The OB-6 goes somewhat in this direction but not all the way.

You have the Korg Mono/Poly: 1 voice 4 oscillators or 4 voices 1 oscillator.

And the Timbre Wolf :slight_smile:

But to do this on a larger scale :

  • If there’s anything analog in the synth, this would require a switching matrix for routing stuff to the filters. And of course as many filters as oscillators in case the player wants the largest number of voices.
  • What about the UI? If you can have up to 12 oscillators per voice, should the UI have up to 12 row of oscillator control knobs?

You can kind of get there with the Vermona Perfourmer.

Doesn’t the Korg Minilogue do something like that, albeit with only four voices.
Also the Elektron Keys, and Analog 4 assign thier 4 voices in a pretty open ended way.
Or am I misunderstanding?

Ambika is also flexible in that it can be 6 independent mono voices or 1 group of 6 poly voices.

I think the original post is about doing this with oscillators. Steal an oscillator from a voice to reuse it for another voice.

As long as you’re content with working out exactly what you want to do beforehand, the best choice for this level of flexibility seems to be a digital modular like the Nord Modular or Axoloti.

to be clear, in the original post I was asking about assigning or ‘stealing’ oscillators not entire voices.

interesting…Andre has an axoloti project going on…

As in TubeOhm Andre?

sorry, yes tubeohm andre :wink:

Ahh, interesting! I know that the guy from Make Noise designed a simple controls board for axoloti. I assume Andre’s will be along the same lines?