Thinking I'll sell all of my Shruthis and pick this up

Something different. Seems to be a great price!

Shhhhh… Actually not too bad of a price…

No, no, no. You want this.
It is handmade, one of a kind, and comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
You could actually afford it if you sold all of your Shruthis. :slight_smile:
I will admit that it costs more than all of my synth acquisitions this year, but that ARP costs more than my house!

There is always this deal too.
However, those are sold once or twice a year.

Realistic prices seem to be as rare as snowflakes in hell !

But the last deal includes its own cobalt smelting lab… Deal of the century !

Just to be clear, I do consider the two other synths I linked to be of good value. Otherwise I wouldn’t have linked to them.

The hand-made modular looks to be compatible with the Phenol.

Edit: To be double clear, nothing is worth selling ALL of your Shruthis. Ever.

Maybe if I lived in a 3rd-world country and the sprog needed medical care, but hells no!

Still, the 2500 and that handmade thing seem like tasty. Realistic prices? Don’t know him!

@audiohoarder the guy selling synth with the lifetime warranty is about 2 miles from my house. I just saw this on my local craigslist.

@sammy123: I think you should email him and go check it out. Maybe make a nice demo of it for him. :slight_smile:

@Jojjelito: Would you sell your VS for a relative in need? :wink:

@audiohoarder: Not before some discussion on the topic of inheritance :wink:

Just calculated - thats only 9476,19$ per Module….

Id sell my VS if jojjelito is in need……

@fcd72: All the more reason to wait for a TTFH. :slight_smile:
Is it even possible to get replacement sliders for these?
Also, that is a starting bid. The price will only go up, but I doubt that any one buying it would need to worry about competition at that price.

That 2500 is ridiculously over-priced and I’ll bet he has no intention of selling it, at least through eBay.

Yeah, there are people who post stuff to eBay as a “Look what I have!” listing. This is one of them. Too bad they would rather do this than make some sounds or demos with it. :frowning:

@fcd72: Naww! If you ever need it, I’ll step up, while trying hard not to laugh:)

The Blue Lantern one probably comes with a bonus voodoo do-, sorry, pin(cushion)-matrix of Ian Fritz complaining about intellectual property theft.

@gwaidan: I was thinking of mentioning that, but was afraid of mentioning it since it might cause bad vibes.

I have both a Teezer and a Threeler and recognized mr Fritz’s name all the way back to old issues of Electronotes where he was contributing. It’s sad that parts of his website are now taken offline due to his exasperation with this. I was planning on hitting up Elby or Escape From Noise for a Chaotica kit to make my Fritz collection complete.

Both the Teezer and the Threeler are excellent sounding pieces of engineering, Blue Lantern’s Teezer copý less so, he did cut a few corners too many.

Can you tell I don’t read Muff’s often? Anyway, it was just posted to Matrixsynth, so I figured it was fine to post it here. If there is an issue I am un-aware of with BL, just let me know and I will edit the link above. :slight_smile:

Now if only the Blue Lantern Corp had a different base emotion aside from hope…

Hope nobody notices these are clones!

Ha, I couldn’t resist. :wink: I still think that for 3U of Eurorack and a nice aluminum case that is a decent deal. Espeically compared to the 2500 that started this thread. You may have some trouble trading modules though.

Let’s just say that piece of drama was nasty, got political as well as personal and that I have the deepest respect for mr Fritz. Those threads on Muff’s are not required reading in any curriculum I would endorse at least.