Things that sound good through Rings/Elements


Had some absolutely bonkers feedback session yesterday involving rings, a resEQ, warps and some utility.
On some settings, rings does cicadas, whales, huge basses and forest noise.
Starting to feel like the FSU/noise side of rings is extremely underexplored.


Love the analogy btw!
Id maybe add little mossy bits and glass scales :smile:


Wow, thanks for an inspiring post!
Time to power up my system and try out your ideas… sound like a lot of fun!


Hey… here is Ben! hi Ben!!..


Things that rings sounds good through: Trogotronic tube vca (or similar). Very creamy with some filtering.


Self oscillating low pass resonance through sympathetic strings makes this really nice shiny metallic tone, kind of Rustie-esque. Particularly lovely from a Moog with the resonance cranked to full.


Almost anything :kissing_heart: Maybe this is just stating the obvious: The key is to use Rings stereo-image. When using Rings in mono, you’re missing out.


while that may be true for some sounds, i find it can really mess up your mix and take a lot of weight from bassy low range sounds.
Id recommend using mono for most percussion, bass and lead applications, leaving stereo images for pads, drones etc.

One thing that is extremely fun for horizontal timbre shifts (changing the timbre without simply adding or removing harmonics) is using a crossfader (eg warps) and an lfo to fade between odd and even harmonics, creating strange tremolo-ish modulations. This works great if youre just making some simple plucks using the internal exciter and feel like they need some spice.

One more thing: I feel i have neglected using vcas after rings. additional envelope-mediated amplitude shaping can give access to a world of different timbres, especially slow-attack ADSRs with rings set to a long decay time make for wonderful pad sounds reminiscent of electric guitars through reverse delays.


This track is nothing special – I just routinely record my experimental modular sessions – but it captured something cool Rings does when you feed it noise, with Damping all the way to the left, and slowly move Position over the 50% mark from above or from below (in this case over CV from Marbles’ Y output). It creates this weirdly human rhythmically accelerated sniffing noise. Kind of surprised me when I was alone in the room and this came up in my headphones. :scream: Starts around 1:25, then occasionally returns.

(I imagine that as you move the pick-up position over the virtual resonating plate, you encouter nodes of a standing wave, almost like ridges, where the incoming sound is alternately amplified and canceled, leading to the rhythmic “sniffing” effect?)


Filtered noise from Plaits sounds very nice. :slight_smile:

(Lots of subtle modulation based on velocity and aftertouch. Arpeggios by Yarns. This is an improvisation to test the patch, hoping to incorporate it into something bigger. :slight_smile: )