These Poisoned Lands

Again it’s been a battle to get my head where it needs to be for patching, depression and anxiety are doing their best to grind my brain and soul down to dust and winter isn’t really helping. Thanks to the folks that sent kind words and thoughts my way, I’m sorry I’ve not responded, everything is difficult.

Anyway, I managed to extract this sprawl from the burning ruins today, first time I’ve managed to turn on the machines in over a month.

It started off with Tides 2’s ‘different frequencies’ mode with the 4 outs running into blinds and then random voltages mixing the levels, from there it spawned Rings x2, Plaits, Clouds, another blinds, Shades, Peaks, Marbles, Stages, Shelves, Old Tides and non MI support from PNW, Batumi, SMR, QR2 and 3 Sisters. The SH-01a and Microbrute are also having voltages and triggers chucked at them from inside my case.


I’m enjoying the piece on a rainy LA day. Thanks for sharing it. Good work.