Theremin project?

Does anyone knows about an interesting theremin project wich is worth to build?


One that outputs one or more CVs would be interesting. Surely modilars and theremins were made for each other? There are always things like the Vectr

Paia Theremax. has CV outs. I haven’t built one yet but it’s on the list.

The Vectr, not really being a Theremin per se, is an excellent way of interacting with my modular. It’s become my go-to tool for improvised sound-sculpting. I really recommend checking it out!

I built the Theremax a few years back and it got regular use, until I got my Etherwave. It is a fun kit and there are some mods available. I added a mic stand adapter like in the Etherwave. The CV outs work well, I used it to control the vcf on a synth. It is capable of a decently wide range of timbres. Antennae could be better in terms of durability/looks. They are only bent copper rod.

Matrix12x, are their considerable tonal differences between the two? The Theremax antennas have been one of the main reasons I haven’t done it yet. That and the case is friggin huge and I really don’t want to build one.

Thanks for the answers!

I was looking just for a classic theremin, the Theremax looks cool.

Also tempted with the new Theremini as I’m not planning to master it.

Australian magazine Silicon Chip has had a feww published. I did build the most complex of them but am struggling to get sund out of it.
There, I believe a very simple one and a MIDI-one.

I could possible help you with the article on the Mk2, that I have.