The TT-303 Bass Bot is a lot of fun

That is all.

lol no demos?

A demo wouldn’t even convey half the amount of fun you’d have playing with one yourself. :wink:

I keep my fun when playing with myself to myself :wink: Or something. Both the TT and the x0xb0x are great fun. Add a 9090 and the LXR when I can get one and were making music.

never even heard of it. yet another 303 clone?

[edit:] oh, it even looks exactly like a 303 - how boring is that?
the algorithmic pattern generation and mutation thing does sound fun, though.

Does it jack though, you know make you want to dance? I have yet to hear a xoxbox sounding as groovy as a 303, not sure why that is. Something to do with the sequencer I guess?

I like my x0xb0xs. Not much reason why they shouldn’t sound the part if they were built right.
Im not so keen on the TT303 for several reasons. But I don’t want to rain on anyones parade, so I’ll just say, enjoy it :slight_smile:

I made my own

same here. i have only one so far (x0x of course) but i caught myself several times when playing with it this week thinking i should make another, next time with a full kit (Wilsey)

@luap Feel free to rain; always interested to hear anyone’s opinion.

I think it sounds great. The real joy are the performance-oriented features added to the original such as pattern transpose and the pattern-oriented arpeggiator. MIDI is of course handy, and the automatic tuning is also very convenient.

Looking forward with interest to Robin Whittles price for a devilfished version, as I don’t want to mess with my original 303

That’s like me. I could never hack my owned from new 101. 30 years, man and boy :wink: