The traditional 2k18 annual Merry X-Mas Thread


As the older ones might remember, once upon a time there was a tradition for an obligatory xMas Thread to exchange greetings and wishes. So let me start:

To all of you, a Merry Christmas, love, health, luck, and all the best for you and your loved ones.

Feel free to post a Pic of you xMas tree, also.


Merry Christmas, happy holidays and any other more or less spiritual celebration of December and the end of the year. Thanks for another year of this great community.
Very traditional Christmas tree attached.


Frank! Good to hear from you!!

Have a great Christmas yourself, and all the best for the coming year.

And the same to all the other denizens of this funny old place.


Merry Christmas everyone!

(It’s actually our first Christmas tree)


God jul & Merry X-mas!!!


No tree here, but all the best to you all !


Merry Christmas everyone! Here is the dog we adopted this year, Toby, meeting Santa :slight_smile:


I was expecting a Christmas tree laser cut from acrylic, held together with hex spacers and M3 set screws, and featuring a laser-etched Saraswati in a white-fur-trimmed red Santa Claus cap…


Oh, and here’s my tree.


Merry whatever oure celebrating! :heart:
Got a really sweet tree this year, was hoping for clouds 2 to be under it :stuck_out_tongue:



Joyeux noël à tous


Have a blessed christmas (or a nice holiday, if that’s more your thing)! Have some relaxed days with your loved ones!

This year we finally decided we’ll stay at home and have the family visit us (it’s starting to get more and more complicated with the kids) so this is our first own christmas tree. No music goodies this year - I should first take the time to properly use what I have, haha.


And a happy new year to all


My christmas tree

happy new year friends of electronic music