The tiny studio corner thread (article for horizontalpitch)


And there I was thinking “those blind panels look great, what a good idea to use diffused semi-transparent plastic to get a blurred effect”…


New MI module theory: the MI diffuse glass blind panel! For release Q1 2018.


I didn’t want to say it, but now I have to: I am actually considering having some blinds like this made.


Your forgot to blurt the reflection in the phone. Now we know that what ever it is, HAS JACKS ON THE FRONT!


I do actually have a big blind made out of 3mm acryllic sheet which I cut down to size and sanded both sides with an orbital sander. It’s a nice finish, it was really a materials test for laser cutting/etching but my work decided to get a 3d printer that never gets used instead of a cutter which was a bit of a shame.

It nicely diffused the busboard lights and was particularly fun with a disting next to it because of all the colours.

Back OT, my desks are technically L shaped desks (they came with a rounded corner adapter) and while it seems like a great space optimizer, in my experience, I’ve always ended up with weird, dead space that’s awkward to reach and that things never quite fitted in which is why they ended up as a straight line instead of an L.

I unplug everything and rearrange them into an L roughly every 4 months (which takes a good few hours) and usually in the same sitting rearrange them back to the straight line.


With my corner desk, there is definitely some dead space. I have a monitor arm mounted on the back corner to hold up my LCD, that has a laptop stand I keep my 0-Coast on. There’s nothing under the 0-Coast and monitor other than a USB hub, since that space is awkward and hard to access.

But I think the benefits are worth it; there’s a whole arc of stuff within arm’s reach. Before this, I had a wide standing desk I’d built from adjustable sawhorses, MDF and a couple of 1x8 boards. I could fill all the desk space but couldn’t reach it all very well, and it wound up much more cluttered.


On & Offtopic: Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 12 (Rhythm) traveled 8 months in backpack with me. I spent hot midday hours in shadow somewhere out.


Honestly the first time I saw this picture I didn’t even pay attention to the blurred modules because I was so distracted by the toothbrush! I’m not sure if it’s for playing Ears/the LeafAudio box or personal hygiene (or maybe both :upside_down_face:), but either way it seems like the perfect addition to your setup!


There’s a lot more weird utesils hidden below the desk :slight_smile:
but yeah, I mostly like brushing my teeth with a contact mic in my mouth and pass that through rings… makes oral hygiene less boring :smiley:


february’s temporary housing update:


and a semi-permanent (we share that table), yet more permanent home:


It’s with great pleasure that I can now finally announce that the first episode of this article series is now online!

Modular Spaces Pt.1: Wardrobes and Closets

Huge thanks to Felix, Hannes and Sean for the interview and for sharing all the great insight into their spaces!
More is coming soon (after Superbooth has cooled down a bit). There’s enough material for at least 3 articles.


thanks! I did a last minute rewrite of the intro so typos were bound to happen :slight_smile:


A very enjoyable read!