The Skrewthi

So here is my hacked version of the Shruthi code I called the Skrewthi :slight_smile: I thought I should share…
Basically, the ‘features’ are:
1 Main Oscillator and 2 others with harmonic divisions of the first. (1-8)
Frequency / Pitch shifting for the divisions with or without sync.
11 different distortion types from normal to weird.
The ‘double fold’ distortion does not like to play well with others… But seems to modulate fine… and sounds great to me!
There are 2 sets of simple wave types. The first has ‘pulse width’ only on the Root Oscillator as I have not found enough power yet for the divisions. The second has a simple Square Phase Modulation on all.
The wavetable types only sweep on the Root Oscillator as well. :frowning:
The frequency shifting can go into crazy (fun?) aliasing regions and the subtle anti-aliasing in the simple wave types is no longer.

Attached is the firmware file and some initial patches. The code is here

Hopefully, somebody else finds it as fun to mess around with… and Merry Christmas!

skrewthi-v01.syx (127.7 KB)

wow, xmas 2014 seems to be when user-generated firmware variants are finally beginning to take off!

thanks will try it

@funkyfli Thanks for sharing. It’s really inspiring to see this kind of customizations in code. Any chance of a little audio demo?

+1 for audio demo but it sounds very promising!

OK. I made a quick demo of some of the patches. I’ll warn you… it’s pretty cheesy and I’m regretting it already. :slight_smile:

@funkyfli Thanks! That’s not what I would call cheesy. I can outcheese you anytime. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is pretty cool, really.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Love all the Christmassy names too.

:smiley: Thanks. The Grinch was in my subconscious.