The Sidekick is Sick!

I just finished a SideKick! I’ve got an SSM2044 board attached and - right now - I’ve got the drone pins jumpered… because I can’t stop playing the LFOs man! This is the shit!

And, just so you know, both my wife and dog are outside. They refuse to come back into the house until I stop.

And I’m not stopping! My ears are bleeding! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

who needs a girl/dog if you have a sidekick?

If only there was a Polivoks version :slight_smile:

It’s like having your own sci-fi soundtrack.

It would be possible to hook up switches in place of the 4053 on the Polivoks board.

The main objection would be that the Polivoks filter is not very good at self-oscillation, and the fun of the sidekick is to use it without any audio input, just the filter in self-oscillation.

Yes! Exactly. It’s absolutely wild. I want to try to sequence that output to see if I can’t make it a bit more musical somehow…

I did actually try it with a Polivoks filter board. Sounded, weird, but very cool!
I don’t know what ‘state’ the board was in by default though, as it was not modded. Im tempted to build another poli board though, and do the switch mod.

What determines the frequency range of the LFOs?

The RC constant is that of the pot and the big NP capacitor next to it.

Here’s a nice tranquil demonstration of the Sidekick. I’m playing the Etude in D Minor by Borodin.

The Sidekick has an SSM2044 filter which is being run through an Oto Biscuit (on ringmod/crush mode I believe) which is utterly destroying it. There are two tracks played together one panned hard left and the other hard right.

It’s kind of boring and monotone because I was actually trying to play along with something and stay close to the key of the song.

So without further delays and nonsense, here’s some NOISE

Here’s another one. More rhythm-y. It’s the same setup but the Biscuit is step sequencing the output of the Sidekick. Two tracks, not panned quite as hard this time (20% L/R).

Shorter, more rhythmic demo

Last one reminds me of Massimo Magrini.

Okay this is really a different animal with the SMR-4 filter board installed. It gets really deep bass but also just has more range. Incredible sounds… I will have to record some more samples.

I can get a pretty convincing bongo player out of it.