The Shruthi is Alive!

…sort of :slight_smile:

A friend of mine has managed to get my synth working, there was a broken track on the board where I soldered the display trimmer. He drilled the board and made a connection with a wire, also, the 6N137 (I think that is the right No.) was blown, not sure how that happened?

Anyway, it will be back with me on Thursday, hopefully!

Great !

Top news Adam :slight_smile:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Only one issue left, I seem to have lost all the presets I made, further more, I only have 16 named patches, all the other patches are blanked all the way up to 80.

I think I may have blown the eprom (is that right?) What is the part number and where is it on the board please, I am going to replace it!


This is the 24LC512 chip.

I’m wondering if you have not, by mistake, swapped this with the 6N137. This would explain both your problems with MIDI and the lack of presets.

Thanks, the 6N137 is in the right place, I borrowed one from a friend to test the MIDI.

Is it normal that my presets only go up to 80? I cannot recal how many I had when the synth was first working?

Also, is it hard to load the factory presets at some point (hard for a doofus like me, not a reasonably compotent person!) ?

You would not be alone. I have done this in the past. Twice. :confused:

I may have had the chips around the wrong way oops LOL, I just looked at the chip that was taken out thinking it was the 6N137.

Oh dear Lord, I am such a muppet, sorry Olivier! :confused:

> Is it normal that my presets only go up to 80?

Yes. They will go to 464 once the synth recognizes that a large capacity eeprom is present in the socket.

Fixed, the Shruthi is fully alive and working 100%



Thanks to everyone for your help

Well done Adam

Thanks Martyn :slight_smile: