The Shruthi-1 Programmer - FINAL EDITION SOLD OUT!

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Im a bit on the Full Kit Trip but there an exception to the rule always is (Master Yoda)

Will you sell those PCB boards without the case and stuff? I have the WASP XT (still not 100% finished) and might wanna try something else with a different form factor next time.

Try DipTrace Theres a free noncommercial 300/500 Hole Version without limit to the Boards Size. The Autorouter is still horrible but not as crappy as EAGLE + you can trace manually far easier.
Revision 1.7 of the Programmer Boards is made with it and is already in Production somewhere in Asia…so yes, there will be new Kits.

Iteadstudio is great for protos…

Take your time. Work slowly and methodically. Use a low soldering temp with Frank’s PCB or you will pull the pads off. Don’t mix up the chips. Leave extra slack in the cables so you can test with the lid off and everything connected. Be careful with the wiring of the midi jacks.

I think that’s about it. Also, have fun! The XT is the most difficult project of them all (so far…). Building it is a great experience!

Put the fire gear away. I fucked around with Eagle instead trying to get a PCB designed. Going from schematic to PCB via the “wizard” is a joke. Does anyone seriously rely on this method or do you go from PCB to schematic instead? Trying that tomorrow.

Yesterday i have receive my package from germany (thx Franck btw)
I have read all the post for the assembly on this forum but If someone or more have advice for me i’ll take it with a big smile :slight_smile:
I don’t want to fry something like in my last project (4 pole 1st test ok and shortcut the 2 cards before i put it in the case one 74HC fried)
So please advice me i would like to do a great assembly like DMM XT
An happy owner !

No way. Mine is a whole different dimension of shitty. First of all, you had the sense to use decent gauge wire. I split rainbow ribbon to “save space” and soldered corn silk all over the place.

I’m feeling a tiny glimmer of hope today mixed with a healthy supply of stupidity. I may just apply power to that board and see what happens.

As they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Just the 5V side :wink:

C’mon Mister Raindrops, show us!

Ill be first: Programmer Proto from way back in 2010…

I always thought the perfboard proto part would be fun. But instead I found it very stressful. I didn’t like the design mistakes I had made and was now committed to. I didn’t like the mistakes I was making and then correcting and making the board/build look like shit. Ugh.

I thought I would enjoy it but it just became a huge anxiety attack for me.

I’m much better with computers than wires. Maybe I would be happier with SPICE/simulation and futzing around in Eagle to overcome my design flaws rather than fighting with perfboard chia pets from hell?

My Development cycle is like this:

  1. Breadboard or Perfboard a Development Proto.
  2. If its a One Off i always do Perfboard, no matter how complicated as it takes more time designing a PCB than to solder all these wires…
  3. If i need more than one or two i design a PCB (in ancient former times till Yesterday with CorelDraw, no i use DipTrace) and etch them myself
  4. Newest addition to the show. If i am pissed by drilling all the holes for 20+ Boards i order fromPCBcart but only for designs that proved to be good, so theres always a handmade Proto.

@Titus Raindrops.

Depends on how much you are ready to wait and if you want to scale up production. I use PCBcart, it’s $80 to $150 of tooling depending on the board size, and then prices are very reasonable for volume production. Because I’m almost always convinced that my designs are the final revisions and ready for production, I get my prototypes done there ; and when I am right, the board is ready for mass production. You shouldn’t do that :slight_smile:

If it’s just for a one-off, try OSH park. The boards are purple! Cheap for one-offs, not a good solution for volume.

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So cool Frank! Nice job with this.

What’s it cost to get a PCB made these days? What if you only want like 5? After wiring up my most recent project on vectorboard, I have had enough of that shit. If it costs me $80 to get a PCB it’s worth it. I am seriously so done with trying to wire up little pieces of hair to this thing. I don’t even want to power it on. I think I will just bury it in the yard.

Niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu bauen™

Yay! All I wanted was something related to bath salt and cannibalism but as they say: Freiheit ist gut, Kontrolle ist besser. Or something…

Zwei Blöde, ein Gedanke ™

Ah ah you send me back to the dark ages with my dear Eagle :smiley:

I think you can fly with Eagle even by nite :wink: