The sequences are out of sync with a metronome

someone else happens? There is some kind of solution? Thanks

Get a new metronome :wink:

Honestly how did you sync your metronome to Shruthi???

Differences in parts tolerance, clock circuit design, sample rate etc. explains why two devices set to 120 BPM will eventually diverge. That’s why we have invented MIDI sync.

MIDI? This evil digital Thingy that keeps Synths in Sync by Force of will (or soeething evenly undescribal???)

My Shruthi is in perfect Sync with Logic - as far as i can tell and i am a Nutpecker when it comes to timing…

it’s also out of tune with my guitar :frowning:

My shruthi is not synchronized with pro tools when i use a Shruthi sequence. How I can synchronize with other midi device (not daw) to make shruthi slave?

You can set the tempo to “ext”.

Hey rosch,

my Shruti is wether in sync with you metronome nor in tune with your guitar. No offense but you need new Gear. Show this as a “darfschein” to your higher instance…

OK, is all I wanted to know. Sorry for not having explained better. Thank you pichenettes.

hehe we’re just joking, we’re silly.

Yes, sorry Facu. Don’t pay any attention to rosch and me as the thread goes beyond beeing solved - its our usual behavior to bloat up threads to make this forum seem more interesting…