The s1 button my ambika not work and also does not sound

I’m building a ambika and have the motherboard mounted smr4 and a voice I have started to test it and the s1 button does not work I plug .In addition voice and can not get sound.
can anyone help me I do not have much experience in these shows but I think I’ve done everything right and revised welds and appear well in the s1 button and tried to bridge the contact by tapping nor does anything I have done in the other and if they go.
so everything works fine other lights voice comes on and when I send midi signals off.
also if it works s1 button to load the data from the sd.
I can do
I’m sorry if I misspelled something’m Spanish and I have no idea of ​​English I use a translator
if you could help me I would appreciate
greetings to all