The Road Runs Right Through It

Bleepy meandering kosmische, I was listening to Klaus Schulze while driving to work the other day I guess.

2x Rings, Clouds, Shelves, 2x Blinds, Stages, Marbles, Tides 2 and Braids with PNW, QR2, DLD, EnsOsc, Batumi, Maths, some fauxland 100s modules, KSP and sh-01a.

I hadn’t been checking the music cat on here for some time. I’m pleasantly surprised by this track of yours! It still sounds like you, but there’s a different kind of more calm and medative energy. I really like the hypnotic quality of this track even if at 30 minutes I do tend to treat tracks more as a background (indeed I listened to it while working). I think I can can hear the Kosmische influence.

Cheers Hannes,

I wish the calm and meditative would manifest a bit at this end, my mental health is feeling probably the worst it’s been in a long time just now. Patching is the only thing that transcends really (when I can trick my brain into not thinking what I’m doing is utter garbage).

I’d say that most of my work is ‘supposed’ to be background, plenty of surface and if you want to focus in on it there’s a bunch of more subtle and ‘interesting’ stuff floating about. That’s the idea I guess anyway. More rothko than rembrandt or something.

I want to second Hannes’ note here - this piece does sounds quite different than much of your other work, but I found it just as enjoyable, and looked up when the 30 minutes had passed because I’d noticed you had finished! Time to head back and listen again. Cheers from Northern California, David - be kind to yourself whenever you can.