The post office ate my victory candy!

A box full of fun stuff arrived today. Looks like someone opened the box, ate the victory candy from the Anushri rack kit, then dumped everything else loose in a ridiculously giant box. I guess they felt guilty about it though, since they didn’t charge me any import tax.

Okay, it was me. I waited at your mailbox for the package to arrive, opened it and ate the candy and dumped it in the box. All because I didn’t get any candy with mine.


Thanks for paying the import tax though.

Maybe the Candies are confiscated by customs?

@piscione - Just saw your completed anushri lunchbox… I’ve just taken a first conservative plunge into modular stuff with this anushri, a x0x-heart pacemaker, and a few midi>cv devices. Excited about plugging CV stuff into my NovaDrone, too.

Your candy is probably being tested for illegal drugs right at this moment…

“Thanks for paying the import tax though.” It was the least I could do.

I wouldn’t exactly say completed, it was completed but then uncompleted. The Anushri got a trip to the US to visit @qp, who got it working again for me. It is on the way home again now. I’m still thinking about how to power the lunchbox a bit more conveniently.

I’m teaming it up with a ModDemix, STO, some sort of LFO and EG and maybe another filter.

“Your candy is probably being tested for illegal drugs right at this moment…” Maybe Customs thought it was a gun, they are very picky about those around here.

I was going to build an ambika too, but the cheap misprinted 4p voice cards were sold out by the time I placed my order… So I settled for a second 4pm shruthi and a polivoks to add to my other shruthis. I figure I can chain them together for now. Two 4pms should be really fun together.

I’m going to build the CV/trigger extensions for my LXR and Midialf too. And I’m putting everything in racks, which should clean up my living room a bit.

Racks are a good idea. I built my Shruthis one by one, and nearly every one is different. Moral of the story is that it is possible to be too creative. Looking at them now, it appears a standard layout and racks would’ve been more convenient.

Except for the first one I built in a case (which I’ll probably sell), all my shruthis and most of my other gear is naked, just mounted on plexiglass. I’m building a synth rack and a sequencer rack on these destop 12u rack stand things I got - the Shruthis and my P6 and PreenFM2 will be mounted on a big 19" plexiglass piece with all their audio and midi run to a patchbay, so the cables won’t be sticking out the back and I can mount them close together. The patchbay will also have a bunch of simple little summing mixers that I’m making. Should make setup a lot easier and less messy.

The biggest problem with having shitloads of desktop gear is that it’s always in some state of being half-assembled, with cables everywhere - half the time I want to use some piece of gear, but it’s just too much of a pain to set it up. It’ll also be nice to have all the synth controls close together and facing me on a vertical rack.

Looking forward to seeing some photos some day. Which summing mixers are you making? I’m looking at buying a 32 channel board but doing some sub-mixers for, say, the Shruthis might cut that down a bit. I realize summing mixers and sub-mixers are two different things 'though, depending on who you’re talking to.

Just simple unbalanced resistor summing circuits like the first one on this page (except mono)

There’s no attenuation (I’ve got volume knobs on all my synths anyway), the circuits just add the inputs together.

…basically, I’ll have several sets of 2 and 4 input mixer busses - each one will have a couple of input 1/4" and/or 1/8 jacks, all the input signals will be added together, and sent out an output jack.

So, if I want to mix 4 shruthis together, I’d run patchcords from each shruthi’s output in the patchbay, and plug them all into a 4-input summing bus, then take one patchcord from that bus’s output and run it to my main Mackie mixer. I’d adjust the volume of each shruthi using the optional attenuator pots on the shruthi outputs.

Or if I want to mono-ify the stereo signal coming from my P6, PreenFM2, or Proteus, I could just run the L and R outputs into a 2 input summing bus.

why not add a proper mixer to the rack? The Behringer RX1602 costs next to nothing (£90 or so) and certainly improves upon any unbalanced resistor summing circuit.

I’ve already got a mixer, the summing things are mainly for bussing synths together and monoing stereo signals before going to the mixer, to save mixer channels. But they’ll also sum CV signals if I need to do that, and there are some interesting audio routing things I’ll be able to do with them too, like sending audio into the shruthis.

£90’s cheap for a decent mixer, but a bit more than nothing - and definitely more expensive than a few audio jacks and resistors.

from all i know these summing things do not work well (but never tried myself), mainly because the signals will interact, if one signal changes volume so do the other, and usually this is not what you want.

also a ‘proper’ mixer as diy is not too difficult, a simple pcb is $5 (from CGS) and the components shouldn’t be more than $2-3. Only nuisance is that they require a bipolar power supply (almost any voltage will do). But see how it works, you can always improve later …

I’ve built these summing things before, and they work pretty well… I thought the issue was more impedence related - like, if you’ve got sources with different impedences, they’ll try to drive each other - if I’m mixing 4 shruthis together or summing the L and R output from a single synth, I assumed they’d be pretty much matched impedence wise and it wouldn’t be an issue. But, I don’t really fully understand this stuff, so it’s very possible I’m misunderstanding the issue.

I was looking at the CGS boards - I thought I’d pick some up (and some of the other modular synth, etc. boards) the next time I do a build. I’ve splurged enough for this month though.

Photos… The shruthis are all wired together for power – plug one in, they all turn on. MIDI is wired vertically with sockets – the two 4pms are wired together, and the YM and PV are too – there are 4 midi inputs and outputs on the right side of the shruthis – into the top 4pm, out of the bottom one, in to the YM, out from the PV. Input and output audio jacks are wired to the jacks on the right side of the shruthis, with gain pots.

I haven’t finished wiring the summing busses, splitters and 1/4-1/8 converter bank yet, but this setup is great… Really makes working with everything so much easier, so many synths are easily accessible at once, and there aren’t wires all over the place.

There’s also a x0x-heart that’s going in the hole in the eurorack bit once I receive the last parts shipment.

Looks epic! Messy, but epic! :wink:

Wayyyyyy less messy than it used to be before it was all racked up, but yeah, I’m definitely a function over form guy.

Also, I’m an idiot and dropped the rack within hours of building it while I was moving my setup table around - no major damage, fortunately, but there’s supposed to be a PreenFM2 up in the top corner instead of a big broken area of plexiglass… I’ll get around to fixing that eventually.

Very nice setup. I didn’t even notice the fall damage.