The Polivoks IS alive!

Thanks to a very nice chap from Germany!

I am over the moon with this little synth, the filter is just fantastic!

Yay! :slight_smile: Now make some nasty leads and basses.

Good stuff !

Thanks guys, I’ve been making some great presets, I would love to share them with you but have not figured out how to back them up!

I managed to record a sysex track in Logic, but that is as far as I have got…I have no idea how to save the file in the appropriate format, or how to upload it to the synth again…

@Adam: Get yourself Elektron C6. Then read in the Shruthi online manual how to back up .syx patches over MIDI to USB. It is quite simple. :slight_smile:

Did the guy tell you what caused the problem?


Filter board:

  • desoldered the male header connectors from the filter board
  • desoldered some not so good looking solder joints
  • cleaned the filter board
  • soldered new female header connectors to the filter board
  • resoldered some solder joints

Control board:

  • desoldered the male header connectors from the top side
  • desoldered all of your repair wires
  • desoldered some not so good looking solder joints
  • desoldered the quartz crystal
  • cleaned the control board
  • soldered new male header connectors to the bottom side
  • soldered new wires to replace the defect traces/pads of the board
  • soldered a new quartz crystal and fixed another loose ground pad of one of the 18p capacitors
  • fixated the repair wires with some hot glue

Connected the two boards with new female stackable headers
Tested the the synth with a MIDI keyboard: all working as expected :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip! Nothing is simple where I am concerned :slight_smile: I’ll give it a go though…

I downloaded C6, followed the instructions, the Shruthi appeared to be backing up, but C6 did not receive anything. I tried all the midi ports, nothing

As I say audiohoarder, nothing is ever simple when I am at the helm! lol

@Adam: Under Configure, make sure to set the MIDI in and out ports to the proper ones. Then set Delay (ms) to 250.

Make sure that the Shruthi out is plugged to the MIDI in going to your computer.

BEFORE backing up your Shruthi or sending a single patch, click Recieve on C6. Then send the hardware .syx message. This method can be used to back up or send patches to any synth that supports sysex messages.

Make sure to read in the manual how to send single patches after you are done backing up your whole Shruthi.

This is an important skill to have when dealing with hardware synthesizers. :slight_smile: I recommend C6 as it is on Mac and PC.


Thank you :slight_smile: I will give it another shot!

I am amazed at the depth of sound I am getting out of my Shruthi synths, and hope I can get the back up working so I can share my patches with you, it will be the very least I can do given how much help you have all given me